How to choose an online school

Tips for getting the best for your children

How to choose an online school

Finding the ideal online school for your kids can be a difficult task. While there are many options available, not all schools provide the same quality of education.

Online schools can be a great solution for expatriate families and offer some benefits over brick-and-mortar schools. To find out more about what online schools are and how they work, check out this article first.

Once you have decided if an online school sounds like a good choice for your family, there are some points to consider before choosing an online school:


This is essential for your child’s future education. The school you choose must be fully accredited as a learning provider at the national level. A full accreditation guarantees that the school meets the established standards, as well as that the diplomas it issues will be recognised by other institutions.


It seems obvious to pick a school with a great reputation, but it's not as easy as it looks. First, make sure that the school has been around for some years. Experience matters. Then search for trustworthy comments and reviews or ask around in expat communities if anyone can share their experiences. Finally, see if the school offers an Open Day - that’s always a good sign.


The school should have a reasonably up-to-date list of teachers on its site. See if you can find information about their level of education (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate) and the universities they have attended. Additionally, some schools provide information on their minimum requirements for hiring a teacher. 

Class size

For online schools, class size is even more important than in a traditional classroom. While classrooms of up to 20 students are often seen, ideally aim for 15 or less, so your children can get a higher level of personal attention.

Scores track record

Exam results and student access to prestigious universities can be a useful metric to quickly check the school's performance. This type of information is often not as easy to obtain as the above, so once you are interested in a school, bring it up directly with the admissions team.

National curriculum

Most online schools offer either an American or a British educational program, as they provide some of the most recognised qualifications in the world. Alternatively, expats from other countries try to find online schools that follow their home country curriculum, but this can prove more difficult.

If you're interested in a full British education, take a look at Cambridge Home School , a long-established and highly respected online school that ticks all the boxes.

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