• I having a Salary of 275000 SAR p.a i have one 3yr kid and would be staying with my wife. Is salary enough for a family of three to live comfortably in KSA riyadh

    27 Feb 2008, 05:44 Ali
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  • Re: Salary

    I am living in Saudi Arabia for two years, i believe that this Salary is engough, go ahead

    Khaled Elshazly 27 Mar 2008, 10:44 - Report
  • Salary

    How much a fresh graduate should expect as a total package in Riyadh as an IT specialist? I'm 25 years old, MSc graduate from England..


    England 24 Apr 2008, 11:09 - Report
  • caretaker salary in jeddah

    I want to know the monthly salary of a caretaker of a child in jeddah in US dollars

    Maria Henrietta De Leon 12 May 2008, 12:11 - Report
  • Al Khubar - Salary


    I'm for South Africa and also accepted a job offer in SA but haven't received a start date yet. My pacage consist basicly the following: 8000 basic/m + 650 car/m + 24000 housing/a.

    Is the enough to support my wife and 2-3 year son?


    Schalk 23 May 2008, 12:31 - Report
  • Salary

    I hv got an offer of 7000 dirham p.m. I am 27 yr old unmarried guy. Is it sufficient. plz reply.

    Vijay 30 May 2008, 10:18 - Report
  • Salary

    My field is accounts & finance. How much i can get paid if i do job in the banking sector. my education is BBA major in finance.

    Irfan 24 Jun 2008, 12:18 - Report
  • Enlighten me !

    I'll be residing in Riyadh soon. With accommodation, transportation and meal allowance provided by my soon-to-be employer, will 16,000 SAR per month be enough? I'm leaving the family behind for the moment. Can I save at least 10,000 SAR per month?

    Anxious 26 Jun 2008, 12:08 - Report
  • Salary?

    I have been offered a package of 187,500 SAR p.a by my to-be -employer. Is this enough for a family of three (including my 1 yr daughter and my wife). how much can i expect to save leading a ncomfortable life. Also, how much could be the housing expenses(rent).? Thanks

    Himanshu 03 Jul 2008, 06:30 - Report
  • savings

    i think its depends on the kind of life you want. most importantly, you need to make sure that you have negotiated air tickets ( very common).

    budget for around SAR2500 pm for rent. check with your HR if they can arrange the flat, or ideally come alone initially three months.

    Farhan Syed 28 Jul 2008, 10:06 - Report
  • basic salary 1200 sr including meal and allowance

    basic salary 1200sr including meal and allowance

    rp 06 Aug 2008, 12:05 - Report
  • For Farhan

    Hey Farhan my company is sending me to riyadh can you tel me the hose rent you told for SAR 2500 what facilities does it includes and how many rooms it will have.

    Getting transfered 06 Aug 2008, 01:13 - Report
  • salary

    how much earn a receptionist in a 5 stars hotel in Al KHOBAR KSA?

    Many Thanks in advance

    HICHAM 27 Sep 2008, 04:24 - Report
  • important notice

    everybody seem to be questioning, can someone plz reply these r very imp quest

    ahmer 03 Oct 2008, 12:45 - Report
  • To Everyone

    I will try to help everyone with one reply.

    1. House rent in Khobar (or the Eastern region) is a little more costly than other regions. Comes next Jeddah then Riyadh. I dont know about expat compounds but for a mid-class flat (3-4 Rooms with a kitchen and 2 bathrooms ) you can expect rent of SR 18,000 per annum. Please notice that rents are usually paid annually or half-annually in advance. Having said that, Life in Saudi Arabia is very economic if you spend wisely. foods and goods are very cheep since KSA practice free trade with a tax free economy.

    2. What is the normal range for an accepted salary depends on you. If you settled the housing rent then it all depends on you. no one dies out of hunger here happy

    Generally I think SR 4,000 pm is the minumum acceptable salary if you are college graduate but salaries vary very much depending on your job and your degree but usually it will be in the range of SR 4000 - SR 8000 per month for common jobs (accountant / architect / IT technician / etc). Medical jobs usually have higher salaries but varies depending on the working place I think it would be around SR 5000 - 8000 pm for nursing jobs in normal hospitals and SR 7000 - 20,0000 pm in large hospitals ( National Guard Hospitals / Armed Forces hospitals / Aramco Hospitals ) doctors are even paid more usually between SR 10,000 - 25,000 pm.

    3. Life cost: as I have mentioned before if you settle housing everything else is cheap. I think SR 5000 pm will cover the costs of a family of three very conveniently but will not save much.

    4. Banks and Oil companies usually pay high salaries. If you get an offer in a Bank or an Oil company , don't miss it.

    5. Companies usually (90% of the time) offer housing / medical insurance for you and your family / Air ticket fare for you and your family annually. Make sure you get it and it will save you much of the costs here.

    6. Enjoy your Stay!!

    Abdullah, Jeddah 23 Nov 2008, 04:42 - Report

    Does any people know what the salary for a plant operator in sabic or in other chemical company in Saudi Arabian?

    jhon 05 Dec 2008, 04:22 - Report
  • AL Khodari and Sons

    Does anybody have an idea if this employer pays a high salary?

    DWBG 16 Dec 2008, 05:36 - Report
  • 2 all pinoy

    better think twice!!!

    jaffar 27 Dec 2008, 10:37 - Report
  • how much is the salary


    billy us 01 Jan 2009, 11:00 - Report
  • salary enquiry

    Im a Ph.D in science. King saud university offered a job of research scientist. How much salary can i expect. As im coming alone, hw much can i save

    Zubair ahmed 13 Jan 2009, 05:03 - Report
  • Fitness job

    I have an offer of 22500 US dollars per year plus free accomodation and flights. I want to bring my wife and my two year old son.
    Can you leave normal and put away some money withthis income and also how is the leaving there from woman and children point of view.


    K.M. 13 Jan 2009, 06:26 - Report
  • Please help!!!

    I live in Orlando Florida and would like to export something to Saudi Arabia? What do you need there? I live close to a very large auto auction where the dealers go and buy their cars. I was a marble importer of custom statues until our economy slowed and custom gold leaf furniture.
    Thank you for any and all advice. happy


    Kim Wilson 14 Jan 2009, 01:20 - Report
  • importing

    Saudi imports so much items including electricals, cars & foodstuff. It jus depends how much u want to import the items for. If your price is good u r in business

    D.M. 14 Jan 2009, 05:13 - Report
  • Al Khodari and Sons

    It didn't offer me an average salary.

    FMIM 16 Jan 2009, 06:31 - Report
  • Pl reply for status

    Dear Friends,

    I am offered 7700 S R month @ Jaddah plus Accommodation + Gratuity + Insurance+ Transportation + Medical+ Other Facilities.

    I have two kids are studying 2nd & 4th standard. I wish to know that whether this package is ok to save 50000 SR per annum. Also please reply on school facilities at the location.

    K K M , 26 Jan 2009, 03:36 - Report
  • Please help

    Dear Friends,

    I am Maz working in Jeddah SaudiArabia, since 8 years, Well i need information regarding the profession, Before i was worked in Dammam and my profession was Electrical Engineer while i was transferring my visa to 2nd sponsor on that time my profession has changed into labour, now i want need same profession for that how i can proceed, Please reply me soon.

    Mazhar 27 Jan 2009, 08:54 - Report
  • architect monthly salary range

    is anybody there knows how much is the monthly salary range of an architect in riyadh?like in the saudi arabia national guard?please help me,,i need to know

    cherry 31 Jan 2009, 05:27 - Report
  • 6 years experienced in Civil Engineering-Please advice

    I am a Civil Engineer with 6+ yrs experience curretly working for L&T in India.
    I got an offer from Al-Khodari with a pay of 6000 SAR(p.m) +1500 SAR(p.m) for House allowance,family status and other benifits.

    I feel the pay is pretty less.

    Please adive me and let me know how much i can save monthly.I have plans of taking my wife and 1 yr old daughter.If i take my family,how much can i save monthly..Please Advice....Immediate reply will be much appreciated....


    Meera 03 Feb 2009, 06:50 - Report
  • IN PAF


    ARFAN ULLAH 04 Feb 2009, 08:02 - Report
  • Aircraft Mechanic Salary???

    Hello, I am looking at relocating to Saudi Arabia from Knoxville, TN as a C-130 mechanic working with Boeing for the Royal Air Force. Does anybody have an idea what the salary range may be? I was told furnished
    housing would be taking care of, does anybody know how these accomodations are?

    Thank you in advance,

    Joe 05 Feb 2009, 09:53 - Report
  • saudi salary

    o.k guys..
    most saudi earn below 5.000 $
    and they have kids(education is free here)
    they have houses and cars...

    if you are offered a housing, transportion , eduction and medical insurance allowence...and you still have 7.000/ are a king..and you will save more than a half which is close to 1000$

    ahmed aalhowimel 18 Feb 2009, 04:10 - Report
  • Visa

    I am an Irish muslim lady with a husband and two kids.I was thinking of applying for a teaching position in Riyadh but I am a little worried that my husband and two kids will be unable to join me, and I that I will have to spend time there alone. I have taught in the UAE and my kids and husband were with me from the beginning.Can someone enlighten me regarding a visa application?

    Thanks so much,

    Jo 22 Feb 2009, 01:35 - Report
  • Salary

    I was also working with L&T and moved to KSA on almost same package u r getting. I works good but the savings are very less

    Sarfraz 24 Feb 2009, 09:37 - Report
  • is it fair?

    i have a bachelor degree in English,and i am working in riyadh /saudi arabia for 1600$ a month
    as a training coordinator assistant.and i got another job offer as an English teacher for the same salary. i think 1600$ is considered minimum wage in the united states,and its called poverty line.but if i were a foreigner i would probably make around 5000$ doing the same job. so if you are a saudi like me that means we got screwed.

    someone who hates bieng a saudi 09 Mar 2009, 11:01 - Report
  • Re: Zubair ahmed

    Hello Zubair ahmed,
    I am interested in science positions in SA too. Did you get your salary info? Could you please share? () Thanks.

    Joe Martin 11 Mar 2009, 10:37 - Report
  • bank salaries

    @ Abdullah: You mentioned that banks pay higher salaries. Any idea what the range of those salaries are? I was approached by a bank to work in their legal department.

    pinoy counsel 14 Mar 2009, 10:27 - Report
  • How much should I take monthly if I am working as an Administration Manager for a construction company employing 5000+ staff

    Could anyone enlighten me on the compensation I'll be expecting if I got hired as an Administration Manager?

    Juju 17 Mar 2009, 07:52 - Report
  • How much salary should an landscape supritendant should expect

    How much salary should an landscape supritendant should expect
    in ksa having experience of 10 yrs and what other benefitts should demand from the company

    waiting for you reply

    you can mail to me as below


    vinod patil india 18 Mar 2009, 06:53 - Report
  • Jobs

    I have just interview with the company two months is this company safe and secure/
    Does any have any kind of contact details like telephone no. or email id to contact directly to them. kindly help guys ASAP

    Huzef 20 Mar 2009, 07:21 - Report
  • Jobs

    Does any one know any kind of contact details of Al khodari & Sons company like telephone no. or email id with whom i can directly contact them ASAP

    Huzef 20 Mar 2009, 07:24 - Report
  • salary sufficiency reg

    HRA -11500SAR PA , Gross 6000SAR ,Furniture allowance 5750 SAR (one time) at riyadh. Is it affordable to stay and save something with my wife and son(6th standard).mail to :

    Bhala 26 Mar 2009, 02:37 - Report
  • sallary of aircraft mechanic

    i would like to find out what is the sallary of an aircraftmechanic

    jazz 26 Mar 2009, 05:03 - Report
  • Contract

    Guyz, please i need a clear response about my issue... "my contract before i go to saudi arabia is 2 years with a civil engineer profession but when i came here in saudi, i found out that they issued me another visa which is a maintenance",... if i will resign in my company now, do they have the right to collect money from me for the termination of contract or not?

    acv 19 Apr 2009, 01:00 - Report
  • salary range for 2.5 years in banking

    hello sir!
    I just want to have an idea what is a 2.5 year experienced banker paid in Saudi Arabia?

    Nice Guy 13 May 2009, 08:59 - Report
  • Canadian Cruise Shipping Job Employment

    Dearest One,

    I Am Mrs Keith, the Manager CruiseShip International Services Canada. Our company need's worker's both men and women from all part's of the World to work and live on board Ship,
    We will help to bring you over here in Canada through the Authority of the Canadian Labours Organization .We will pay for your ticket and you will get your Visa from our Canadian Embassy in your country,

    Our company will help you and send an invitation letter to you so that you will be able to get Employment visa there in our Embassy in your country, If you are interested Kindly contact us via mail : cruiseinterservices(AT @)

    Thanks from American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Shipping line

    Mrs.Keith Lane.


    CSL Canada.

    Mrs.Keith 23 May 2009, 05:01 - Report
  • 3000sr for an IT

    hello guys , somebody offer me a job as an IT in saudi and he offer me 3000sr i think it to poor for an IT isn it,

    jijay 16 Jun 2009, 12:55 - Report
  • Please help me


    Goodday to U !!

    I am a Dipmoma Electronics and Telecommunication with 10+ yrs experience curretly working in India .
    I got an offer from saudi mentioned below -

    ü Basic Salary – 15,000 USD/Year

    ü Company paying fees for work visa.

    ü Air tickets from India and back

    ü Accommodation .

    ü All utility bills – electricity, water .

    ü All business telephone bills – mobile.

    ü Conveyance – weekdays .

    ü Medical bills .

    ü Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover .

    ü Death and Disability Insurance Cover – in case of death.

    I feel the pay is pretty less.

    please help me,,i need to know it sufficient. plz reply and adive me how much i can save monthly .

    You can mail me

    Thank you for your time

    Uttam Kr. Goswami

    Uttam Kr. Goswami 13 Jul 2009, 09:24 - Report
  • salari

    Hello all,

    Am offered a job as an Art director in an advertising company in Jeddah, does anyone knows what an average salary is for this title?

    thanx allot.

    Samso 23 Jul 2009, 04:26 - Report
  • Let me know

    I am a mechanical engineer fresher and is going to join in Saudi Arabia they r going to pay me 2200 riyals...Is it enough....With all other goodies...Or should i negotiate

    Varun 30 Jul 2009, 06:47 - Report
  • SABIC Methanol Co.

    How much does an analyzer specialist in quality assurance department in SABIC methanol co. earn per month?i was told it is 1,500 US dollars, is this true? can anyone please answer sincerely.

    NPO 30 Jul 2009, 07:05 - Report
  • i am civil engineer +15 yrs experience

    hi ii, i am civil engineer finished diploma having 15 yrs experience in construction field. 13 yrs in india and 2 yrs in uae. i got a offer for Saudi . how much salary i can expect. will company's provide family status?i have a kid 7 yrs. how much i can save if ill with my family there.

    my questions:
    what is basic salary for my qalifications?
    will all company provide family status?
    how much they will give as hr?
    how much i can save if my salary is 8000 SAR?

    reply me soon.

    shaik 01 Aug 2009, 06:29 - Report
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