Prince Sultan University in Riyadh

  • Does anyone have any general knowledge about the Prince Sultan University in Riyadh, or possibly know someone who works (has worked) there? A friend is applying, and I'm wondering what the general reputation is, for teachers and students, alike.

    21 May 2007, 11:07 Sandra
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  • answer

    I applied once. They proposed me poorly competitive wages (around 45,000 USD, housing not including). I understand that PHD from Pakistan and India pressure down wages.
    Beside this, you live in a ghetto (the embassies area) and students of lower grade are not particularly respectful of professors.

    answer 21 Sep 2007, 10:28 - Report
  • Prince Sultan University

    The question was posted in May of 2007, so the response I am prividing may not mean anything to the original questioner. Nevertheless, someone else may benefit from the input I am providing. To make the long story short, I am happy at PSU and the pay is copetitive. To give you an example, one faculty member (certainly not me) is payed more than $10,000 per month. So, the university makes an offer and it is up to you to bargain. The person who answered the original request should have bargained for a better salary and would have gotton a positive response. The appartments the university provides are much better than average appartments in the US where I spent most of my life. I would rate them at the level of three stars hotels. There are six faculty members who have terminal degree from India, one from Malaysia, several from Australia, England, France and the US and canada.

    Abusalih Al-Malki 17 Feb 2008, 12:22 - Report
  • Spelling tells me everything

    Gotton payed appartment !!!
    You should be happy getting a job anywhere with your spelling!

    Moniker the monocle 19 Feb 2008, 08:50 - Report
  • Have an interview with Sultan University 3/08 any advise

    would like to know: are the schools conservative or liberal, dress code enforced, housing, contract info

    leonard 30 Mar 2008, 03:58 - Report
  • How did it go leonard?

    Hey Leonard,
    Wondering how your interview went? Are you a phd or abd?

    teacher 06 Apr 2008, 08:57 - Report
  • Package for Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering

    Dear Friends,
    What should be the salary package of an assistant professor in Computer Science & Engineering who has almost 2 years experience after Ph.D. ? The Ph.D. is accomplished from China!

    Muhammad 08 Jul 2008, 01:19 - Report
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  • interest in teaching at Prince Sultan university or another university

    I am interested in teaching at Prince Sultan University or another university in Saudi Arabia, preferable in Riyadh and a teacher training university. I am highly experience in international education and don't care about money. I would appreciate any information and assistance anyone can give me. I can send you my c.v. and other details as well

    John Martin 17 Apr 2009, 07:14 - Report
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