american schools in riyadh

  • Could anyone help with a list of american schools is Riyadh that are cheaper than American International school

    24 Jul 2007, 01:39 j
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  • this is best way for immigration to canada

    My name is Ir Riazanov and I'm an Educational Adviser.I invite you to study in canadian caregiver school.Our government has a special immigration program for caregivers.
    Canadian employers prefer caregivers with Canadian training.
    It will be much easier to find a job while studying here. You can then start work soon after completion of the course.
    You will receive on-going support from students who are in the course ahead of you, and from a network of former students who are now working as Live-in Caregivers.
    It is an ideal opportunity to practice your English language skills, make friends, and start to become familiar with life in Canada. Tuition term is 6 month,tuition fee is 5.000 CAD.
    You can be actively involved in finding your own employer. In this way you can avoid many employee/employer mismatches.
    When you study in Canada, you are really receiving much more training than the requisite 750 hours because you are, in fact, training throughout your entire stay.
    After you have completed a total of 2 years of full-time work as a Live-in Caregiver you may apply for Permanent Residence. However, while you are waiting for your application to be processed, a lengthy procedure that can take up to one year, the only work that you will be permitted to do continues to be live-in caregiving, for which you still require a work permit. it is advisable to not quit your job until after you have obtained Permanent Resident status.This is best way for immigration to canada
    If you interested please contact me by email.
    Ir Riazanov
    Educational Adviser

    Ir 16 Aug 2007, 05:46 - Report
  • Hello!

    I'm interested, I'm currently working here in saudi arabia. would love to discuss it further with you. please send me a direct email.

    [email removed]

    River 08 Oct 2007, 12:34 - Report
  • hi!

    im interested also to study caregiver but i am currently working here in saudi arabia, would you mind to give me the list of schools that i can enroll? 21 Oct 2007, 03:59 - Report
  • i want to learn basi computer coures

    im in riyadh rowdha area,my is 01241326,my email [email removed],plz is there any near by RAWHODA AREA exit 10,11.ect.plz reply me,im waiting,thanx.

    ch.dawood.zaman 17 Dec 2007, 09:21 - Report
  • immigrant

    iam from saudi arabia and i like to immigrant to canada
    my email
    [email removed]

    ali 10 Mar 2008, 09:30 - Report
  • Ir Riazanov

    Dear Ms. Ir,

    i would appreciate if you send your email add to me coz im interested.

    [email removed]

    dr 12 Mar 2008, 09:26 - Report
  • american schools in riyadh

    I recently moved to Riyadh and I am interested in American diploma, but yes the American international school is too expensice, Since your site has been there for a while can you please tell me if you managed to find a good american school in Riyadh cheaper than AISR.
    My email is [email removed]

    maha tawfik 08 Jun 2008, 10:11 - Report
  • Ruba ayyad

    that sounds great!! can you send me more infromation at [email removed] i'm interested to discuss it further

    ruba ayyad 15 Jun 2008, 09:45 - Report
  • american schools in riyadh

    Hi i want to know the names of the american schools in riyadh that are kind off cheap..

    maher abdala 16 Aug 2008, 02:08 - Report
  • care giving training centers in riyadh

    anybody help me find a training center for caregiving here in riyadh saudi arabia. pls send me an e mail regarding this matter---
    [email removed].

    gian carlo 07 Sep 2008, 09:56 - Report
  • International schools in Riyadh

    I am a parent and a teacher I believe there aren't any schools that truely conceive the definition "international".To them international means using American of British textbooks in a traditional non-creative way & giving the parents a false impression of a unique education by over-pricing their fees.I advise you to school your own children if possible.

    I Care 09 Sep 2008, 04:29 - Report
  • hi

    I am interested in your program.
    can you send me more detail [email removed]

    randa 21 Sep 2008, 10:00 - Report
  • Hi


    I am interest to enroll my son in high school; he lives in the U.S.A, he just wanted to study first semester in Saudi Arabia and continue the rest of his high school' s subjects in the united state. Could you help which school would provide the same curriculum and subjects that will be helped him to transfer his credit to the United State high school. I appreciate it.

    [email removed]

    Abdul 22 Sep 2008, 12:24 - Report
  • Hi

    I am already PR-card card holder atpresent staying in saudi in near future will be going to canada for good. whatis this caregiver,I want to know details about will it behelpful to me Iam working as teacher in private school.

    safia 07 Oct 2008, 11:37 - Report
  • hi

    I am interested in your program.
    can you send me more details [email removed]

    Nad 14 Oct 2008, 09:13 - Report
  • inter.. schools in saudi

    i totally agree with you. The schools are over priced and the standards are no way near the standard that english speaking expatriates are used to. If you can let me know where there is an international school that is reasonable priced and a balance for arabic and english currriculm. please let me know near to exit 9.

    m.h 25 Nov 2008, 02:20 - Report
  • American High School Diploma Programs

    if you want schools which offer the American diploma program there is Al-Mamlaka school and Al-Riyadh Schools but both these schools are not coed
    if you want more information about both these schools email me [email removed]
    i know them both first-hand

    Areeb 11 Jan 2009, 09:05 - Report
  • Caregivers Wanted in Canada (sponsorship)

    Hi Everyone,

    Green City Nanny Services is currently looking to sponsor qualified caregivers from Saudi Arabia to Canada. This agency provides permenant live-in caregiver jobs for overseas caregivers. If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address below or call us directly. We have place over 500 overseas caregivers with jobs here in Canada. Thank you.

    [email removed]
    phone: 416-840-0275
    Location: 1111 Finch ave West # 214
    Toronto, Canada

    Green City Nanny Services 15 Jan 2009, 06:36 - Report

    Hi there, that would be a good news if there is any caregiver school in riyadh. May I please ask you to send me an email regarding this schools, I would want to enrol and emmigrate to canada. My email address is [email removed].

    Thank you and please let me know immediately. Am currently working here in riyadh as Tours & Ticketing Consultant.

    BENJAMIN JAMITO JR 17 Jan 2009, 06:06 - Report
  • Search for an American or British English teacher

    I'm living here in Riyadh, and I need an American or British English teacher, “private or with group "..
    Pls contact me at :
    [email removed]

    Tamer 16 Feb 2009, 12:39 - Report
  • wana immigration to canada

    i m from me at [email removed]

    nabila 20 Feb 2009, 05:54 - Report
  • looking for a good high school

    i recommend for everyone in high school and want to study in saudi arabia to enter (Riyadh Schools for boys and girls -- American high school diploma)

    Abraheem alsaud 15 Mar 2009, 09:58 - Report
  • Help

    The College Review can help
    online programs certified instructors.

    susan 05 Apr 2009, 04:49 - Report
  • immigration

    how can i apply to canada any one can help

    sam 05 Apr 2009, 06:44 - Report
  • where can I teach in riyadh

    I am Indonesian, I am graduated from English dept in 2008, coul you please tell me where can i teach english for private students

    yayam sopian 09 May 2009, 04:12 - Report
  • yes we have

    hi i'm a saudi student and yes we have alot of schools here in riyadh that offers american diploma such as al mamlka, riyadh, al manarat school and alrowad international school.

    mashael 08 Jun 2009, 06:31 - Report
  • Caregiver School

    Do you have any idea, caregiver school here at jeddah saudi arabia?

    Eduard Roxas, 0543566701 12 Jul 2009, 02:20 - Report
  • Schools in Riyadh

    heres a list of schools in Riyadh:

    Anita 31 Jul 2009, 02:49 - Report
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