searching for english teacher in khobar

  • salam alkakom..
    I am female, i am searching for female english techer(not arabic woman ) come to my flat to learn me English conversation to be fluid in English to be able to get job in electrical company
    khobar /ksa

    28 Jul 2008, 02:53 May
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  • hi..i can do it for you

    hi ..i am engineer...working at dammam, and livig at Khobar
    32 years
    i can learn you many things and english..if that ok..please send to me at my e-mail:
    i am a good man.

    ahmad ali shihab 16 Aug 2008, 09:49 - Report
  • hi..

    First of all i want to correct for you some expressions and sorry for want to learn English ,u need somebody to teach you,not learn you will be fluent not fluit in English..If u need any help in your study i am ready..this is my email:

    Wafaa 11 Oct 2008, 06:31 - Report
  • family in East Province

    Hi every body,
    I have good English language (Reading & Writing)
    But I need to improve my Conversation
    I’m searching for family in Dammam, Khobar or Dhahran to stay with them 2 hours every day
    (I’ll pay for them)
    If any family feel free about that please contact me on

    Salem 13 Oct 2008, 09:27 - Report
  • doctor

    how older you?
    i can provide you with one hour every day.
    iam saudi doctor.
    if you are intersted contact me.
    My email

    khalid 26 Oct 2008, 10:51 - Report

    Asalaamu Alaykum
    I am a South African Muslim, my native language is english. I have completed the tefl(teaching english as a foreign language) course in South Africa.I would like to teach english in Saudia Arabia.
    Currently I am teaching arabic to non arabic speakers in an Islamic Semenery in South Africa.If anyone here could assist me i would appreciate it greatly. My e-mail adress is as follows

    Shabeer Gallant 03 Nov 2008, 06:20 - Report
  • I can teach English Language

    I am 30 yrs old......Masters in English Litrature from India and presently doing my Ph.D
    in English Language. I can teach English through LSRW technique to my students (only female candidates).
    I have school teaching experience in Rahima Academy :

    Mrs Rashda Sumbul 14 Nov 2008, 10:53 - Report
  • Teaching English

    Bula from Fiji.

    The global trend indicates that there is desire in people irrespetive of age to acquire knowledge and skills in English that will help them to develop friends, do well in academic studies but most importantly, be more successful in life.

    No doubt, it has been my goal since primary school. Development of knowledge and skills in English was like learning to swim. Although enjoyable,it was challenging and at times frustrating. Fortunately, the assitance of friends,teachers and self determination led to the mastery of knowledge and skills in English.As a result, it was possible to glide through the pool with ease. However, there is room for improvement. Nevertheless, this led to the successful completion in a Teaching Cert, Diploma in Tertiary Teaching and a Cert IV in Workplace Assessment and Training from University of New Castle. Academic studies is continued from USP that will result in acquiring another academic credentia,shortly.

    In terms of experience, I have been teaching for twenty - seven years in the the Minsitry of Education. To be honest, I enjoy teaching children.Interaction with the gurdians and parents during the course of time has contibuted to enjoying life as well. After all these experiences, I can sympathise with people who need assistance in the learning of English Should you need help in the learning of English, my e-amil is:

    Do not hesistate to ask for any information that will help to clear any doubts. This will gurantee your investment.You dont have to sign any contract; the initial lessons are free.You have the freedom to cancel or opt out of the program after the initial lessons. The decision is yours.

    Our initail contact will be through e-mail to establish that one has a goal too sincerely learn English. (ONCE THIS IS ESTABLISHED,WE WILL GO ON-LINE.) It can be conversational English, learning grammar,answering comprehension passages,writing sentences,paragraphsn,essay or a research project. The goal is to help the individual develop skills that he/she experiencs problem. An assessment has to be conducted to identify the your level of competence before proceding. This is compulsory.

    I look forwrd to hearing from you should you or your friends be interested
    Samuel Jonathan Lai

    Samuel Jonathan Ali 24 Nov 2008, 04:45 - Report
  • U have to learn with arabic english teacher first....

    Dear u have to find an english arabic teacher then u can find an english (american or british) teacher becasue u will not understand her at the begining.

    Al Khobar Teacher 26 Nov 2008, 10:37 - Report
  • Native Speaking English Teacher

    Hello Good Afternoon, Asalaamu Alaykum!
    I'm a Native Speaking English Teacher.
    I'm looking for a job teaching English in Saudi Arabia. Does anyone know how I can find a contract or a school that will accept a application from a female muslim American?
    Please contact me my e-mail address is

    Nour Vanessa Talat 29 Nov 2008, 08:55 - Report
  • Opportunity for English Native females in Riyadh

    A Montessori preschool in Riyadh is looking for active and creative females at work as teachers.
    1. No qualifications as such are needed, as complete on job training will be availed upon applicants request.
    2. Applicants needs to be native speaker e.g.: American, British, Canadian, South African.
    3. Montessori trained applicants will be an asset to the school.
    4. Working hours 6:50AM to 2:15 P.M.
    5. Receive an attractive salary package for 12 months including paid summer breaks.
    6-An immediate start is needed for this position.
    7. School is situated in the Al Warood area. To contact please call or email:
    Location Riyadh
    Telephone 0558169391

    Wajid Pasha 05 Jan 2009, 08:43 - Report
  • civil engineer- landed 4 months ago

    hi im a civil engr from pakistan, just landed in al-khobar, going through cultural-shock. used to work as a structural design engineer in karachi.....need something to keep my self busy like ...teaching or can i get a job in my own profession? my husband dont think so....
    can i get a job in rahima academy ??? i've heard they pay good ??

    engineer civilo 06 Jan 2009, 03:10 - Report
  • need english native teacher in dammam or khobar

    mu name is mohammed, I speak english good, but I need to be fluent. therefore, i.m looking to have a native speaker to teach me the english. i,m living in dammam. i really need an english native here in dammam or khobar. my contacts

    Mohammed 07 Jan 2009, 09:12 - Report
  • English teacher

    I am from Saudi Arabia
    And I want to mentor English (female) from South Africa to work for the education of my children the language and live with my family at home
    Please send email

    iman 11 Jan 2009, 03:24 - Report
  • Arabic speaking training

    Assalamu alaikum
    I am also new in Alkhobar working as an Electrical Design Engineer in Oil and gas, petrochemicals field. Basically I am from India (Mumbai)....My english is quite good but I don't know How to speak in arabic?? Can you please suggest some arabic classes or someone who teaches Arabic??
    I will be higly oblogue to you..

    Rafiuddin 24 Jan 2009, 12:11 - Report
  • English teacher in Dammam

    Hai ,
    I am here to help you out in English Language. If interested, send me a mail at .

    English Teacher. 28 Jan 2009, 03:30 - Report
  • teacher

    I want to do a job as a teacher in saudi arebia

    SHAZIA TABBSUM 07 Feb 2009, 02:57 - Report
  • English Teacher for online classes


    I'm an experienced female English teacher who can help female students improve your English skills. I can provide online English classes.
    You can contact me at

    Guro 16 Feb 2009, 10:01 - Report
  • slam

    hi i live in pakistan. i have passed my m.ed from pakistan an also b.ed.i want do job in saudia damam becz my husbadamam becz my husband is also wprking in damam khuber saad hospital.ther4 i want to go there pls reply nd is also wprking in damam khuber saad hospital.ther4 i want to go there pls reply me 03 Apr 2009, 09:50 - Report
  • We need English native speakers for Saudi Arabia in Riyad

    English Native Teachers Needed as an English Language Instructor Positions in Saudi Arabia
    - Minimum of a Bachelors Degree in any major
    - Must be a citizen of one of the English speaking countries (the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom)
    - Must be a native English speaker
    - Must be in excellent physical and mental health
    - No criminal record

    How to apply?
    - Please email us your current resume, recent photo, contact number and the best time to reach you.

    Fahmi 11 Apr 2009, 04:09 - Report
  • native speaker... female

    looking for a summer job here in riyadh... pls contact me if there is one... thanks!!! It'll be a great help... 05 May 2009, 07:06 - Report
  • search for teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia

    hello, i am called Modep Eteki Didier. i live in Cameroon and i will like you to help me get a possition in Saudi arabia to teach conversational english. if you can help me please contact me back at: email:
    thank you all.

    Modep Eteki didier 11 May 2009, 11:50 - Report
  • english teacher

    i need a westren female english teacher to teach my kids (8-15 years old).

    hadi 06 Jul 2009, 11:20 - Report
  • you will understand more than 2 languages with me

    salam dear i am allassane traore from ivory coast but i am now doing ACCA in ghana .anybody who want to learn french english and spanish should just mail on . je vous attends faite vite car c est la competition pas de temps a perdre ,depechez vous massalam

    allassane 29 Jul 2009, 01:51 - Report
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