Possible move to Saudi

  • My husband to be has consulted me on possibly taking up a job in Saudi. This will not happen for about a year and things like visas, accomadation etc. would be taken care of by the company, I am very nervous about leaving the UK and was wondering if anyone could recomend some sites to visit, other expat forums to achieve more of an idea on how much my life would change. This site has been very useful so far but as many expats are aware this is likely to be an exciting yet daunting move.
    Many thanks in advance.

    06 Nov 2006, 08:15 Anonymous
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  • Possible move to Saudi

    Hi there, what you are looking for is almost impossible to find and all you have to go by will be the word of others. I have been in Jeddah for the past 3 years and for the first 6 months you will suffer from culture shock. To get used to a male dominant society where females are not allowed to drive or to be seen with any other male besides her own husband. You may be driven by a limo driver but should I give you a ride and they should stop us - trouble. It seldoms happen that they stop Westerners but it has happened to me - fortunatley I could talk my way out of it. We have no cinemas, clubs, bars, discos, theatres, churches, so you will be left for own entertainment. Don't despair as one tends to get into social circles that would go to the beach and other unspoilt places (at the beach you have to pay and it is very small but at least a place where all can socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and where ladies do not have to be covered) Speaking of which you will at all times when in public have to wear the long black abaya (like an overcoat) and it is not required that you cover your hair, that is in Jeddah, other places tends to be more strict. Few females work and that is something new to all, if you could get some experience in the teaching field you might land a job with one of the many International schools. Anything to keep you busy as all day in the compound might not be your cup of tea. One thing is certain it will be an experience of a lifetime that few others will ever be able to experience. We also have an active Historical society and they organise trips to the desert, to interesting places, you can take up diving ( the sea is like a huge dam with very small waves, if any) You will become more outdoor inclined than indoors and often the compounds have gatherings or parties - big fun and there it is possible to enjoy yourself thoroughly
    You are wlecome to write to me should you need to know more.

    Anonymous 12 Nov 2006, 08:37 - Report
  • good

    I agree, I live in Saudia and really it is difficult after a life on the Native land. & i m muslima its very difficult 4 me,i think how is difficult 4 cristian ppl sad

    Yours faithfully

    Anonymous 19 Dec 2006, 01:41 - Report
  • hi

    hi, i intend to further my studies in saudia arabia in islamic studies. but at the rate that u say things its seems so tough for a lady to be living in saudi.

    what is ur take on that. would studying in other part of the arab state be better or how? any idea?

    u can email me at [email removed]

    btw, i m from singapore. take care and best regards.

    Anonymous 01 Jan 2007, 01:29 - Report
  • hello

    i will be joining my husband in Riyadh soon. I am an American..we are Christians so this will be life changing for me, but i am always up for new things and to be with my husband...im willing to travel to the end of the earth.

    my email is [email removed] if there is anyone living in that area, please email, i need friends.

    Jessica 29 May 2007, 08:30 - Report
  • Saudi Arabia

    Hi, I have two children 8yr boy and girl 1-yrs and also looking at moving to saudi, can someone tell me the prospects of my childrens outcome, schools etc. Its a bit scary. From New Zealand.

    Brenda Fox 27 Jun 2007, 10:14 - Report
  • Can I live in Bahrain and work in Dammam ?

    Hi I have been offered a job in Dammam in saudi and my wife has been offered a job in Manama in Bahrain. Is it possible for me to live in Bahrain and commute to dammam daily ?. If so does anyone know how long this will take in travelling time ?. Also has anyone got any tips for finding an apartemnt or compound in Bahrain or if the answer is No to the above question can anyone recomend a living compound in Dammam.

    Alfie. 08 Jul 2007, 07:28 - Report
  • Living, working, moving to Saudi Arabia

    I am doing research on moving, living, and working in Saudi Arabia from the United States. If anyone has first hand knowledge about what they went through, if the company taught them cultural differences, what those were, how you were integrated, or anything else, please email me at [email removed]. My name is Melissa, and I'm currently working on my master's degree in Des Moines, Iowa. Thanks for any help/response/ideas you have!

    Melissa 03 Mar 2008, 09:25 - Report
  • Moving to Dammam/ Khubar

    Hi, I am moving to Dammam, does anyone know/recommend good and decent (not expensive) compounds? if you know some then please send them to [email removed]

    I appreciate any help i can get!

    Bashar 09 Mar 2008, 12:40 - Report
  • Help

    Hi I live in Canada and want to move to Saudi Arabia. But its hard to get info and stuff for saudi. So if any one i living there send me aemail at [email removed] and give me some info on how i can move there. I am a construction worker here in canada, i plaster the creases indrwyall its called drywal finishing. So pleas send me some info on how i can go there.

    Muamer 10 Mar 2008, 02:41 - Report
  • Moving To Jeddah

    I am currently negotiating a package with a company who has an office in Jeddah. I currently live in the US and am reluctant about moving and was hoping someone could provide me some details about living in Saudi and what to expect. My email is [email removed]; I work in the market research field as a marketing analyst.


    INK 29 Apr 2008, 07:59 - Report
  • hey western females

    how r u , Honestly life in saudi arabia , especially al riyadh is not an easy one as u may think, for its a dry land by all means. so strict and narrow. no pleaure no fun. I am lebanese guy working in al riyadh, although arab, i'm still suffering. so how would be the situation of a western female. On the other side, living inside a compound is totally different. well we can discuss it more, for i am interested to get to know some western, for they r open minded and understanding. here is my email ( [email removed] ). enjoy ur stay happy

    Brown_Eyes 19 May 2008, 03:26 - Report
  • want to go to Riyadh as soon as possible

    Hi, my husband has moved to Riyadh, and i also want to go over there. i have done masters in IT + graduation in Computer sciences. and have relavent experience of 4 years working as MIS in a well reputer bank of my coonutry, Pakistan. Could u please help me get any job to reah to my husband?

    bina malik 21 Jul 2009, 10:55 - Report
  • want to go to Riyadh as soon as possible

    Hi My husband has already moved to Riyadh Saudi Arabia. and i want to go to him as soon as possible. can any body help me get some job over their. i have done masters in IT and Bechelors in computer sciences({Pakistan). Moreover i have 4 years of relavent experience. Right now im working in a well reputer bank of my country as an MIS Officer. could u please help me to get any job(for IT) in Saudi arab. i will be much much gr8ful to the one who cud hel me please. please contact me at [email removed]

    Kiran 21 Jul 2009, 11:06 - Report
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