Visa Stamping Procedures.

  • Hi,
    I am a computer programmer. Recently I got an offer from Saudi and the employer send my visa to a travel agent in Mumbai. But the travel agent wants all of my certificates attested by embassy and the medical certificate. I just want to know, whether it is really required that i should attest my certificates.. ? Please note that My Visa is ready..
    Please help in in this regard..

    04 May 2008, 05:43 Anand
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  • hI Anand.. if you need any details on visa process contact me

    Hi ..

    Send me you info so that i can try to clarify the issues..

    [email removed]

    chandu 30 May 2008, 07:52 - Report
  • KSA Visa Stamping

    I am an Engineer and return from UAE 13 months before without cancelling visa. Now i got a Saudi visa and given to the nominated agent with all documents. But the agent told me that it can't be stamped because thw UAE visa is still alive. As i know that a person didn't return within 6 months, the visa will be automatically cancelled. Please advise me the agent told me is correct or wrong.

    Muhammed 29 Jul 2008, 09:34 - Report
  • visa stamping

    i am a engineering diploma holder.i got an supervisor offer from saudi company and employer send my visa to a trval agent in mumbai. but that travel agent informed, the recieved visa is for engineer post, so he asked the engineering degree certificate for visa stamping ,but i have only engineering diolma certificate. before i send the diploma copy for that empolyer to apply for what is the remedy for this condition. is it the diploma certificate will aceept in saudi arabia for engineer visa stamping. plese reply me

    sakkeer 26 Nov 2008, 07:34 - Report
  • To Saudi

    Hi, I would like to know the procedures for Saudi Visa stamping from India.

    To Saudi 12 Dec 2008, 06:46 - Report
  • i need medical details in KSA.

    i am riyas.i am working software engg in india.i have KSA visa.i am physcially disable.medical is required or not.plz help for me.


    Riyas khan

    Riyas khan 29 Jan 2009, 07:21 - Report
  • Visa stamping from USA

    Hi, I want to know the procedure for Saudi visa stamping from USA? has anyone done it before? how long does it take? what are the requirements?
    please reply

    Priya 10 Feb 2009, 06:32 - Report
  • physically challenged people are not eligible for medical

    as per the medical rules, physically handicapped people are not eligible for medical.

    salauddin 18 Feb 2009, 12:35 - Report
  • handicaped person have KSA Visa

    Hi Riyas.. I am also Handicaped. R u know abt the details of Medical for Handicaped?. Plz give ur opienion

    Abdul Naser 22 Mar 2009, 08:18 - Report
  • howcontect at saudistamping

    dear sir iam sheik in madurai iwant please result in saudi stamping rates and deelin contect this's my no. 9787885154

    sheik 24 Mar 2009, 02:40 - Report
  • Business visa for saudi arabia for 180 days

    Pls Send me the details for the business in saudi arabia for 180 days for one person as soon as possible @ [email removed]

    syed 04 Apr 2009, 12:05 - Report
  • Business visa for saudi arabia for 180 days

    Hi plz send me the details for the Business visa for 180 days for one person kindly mail me on my e-mail id [email removed] as soon as possilbe

    syed 04 Apr 2009, 12:09 - Report
  • Saudi visa agents in chennai.


    I am kathalingam. I want KSA visa stamping agent in chennai?. Let you know please forward me.

    Thank you.

    Kathalingam 07 Apr 2009, 12:19 - Report
  • Saudi certificate stamping agent in Mumbai

    Hello everyone. Please do let me know any agents details for getting my Computer certificate stamping in Mumbay.

    Thank you all and please help me if you have the info..

    swetha 07 Apr 2009, 12:56 - Report
  • medical rules for family visa of KSA

    i am working in KSA.For family visa ,to go medical what is age required for tell me


    satya 07 Apr 2009, 01:14 - Report
  • famly visa

    hi i want to work an live in saudi arab

    Saleem 10 Apr 2009, 04:05 - Report
  • family visa indoucement/stamping procedures

    would you please guide me about the documents required with visa indoucement application because we want to get my family visa(wife visa)

    mohd sadiq naeem 29 Apr 2009, 06:34 - Report
  • attestation

    i got dentist job offer in saudi,got visa sent to agent in mumbai.for visa stamping do i need my ssc hsc certificates also attested

    zair 02 May 2009, 06:16 - Report
  • attestation

    hii guys,

    This Khan, doing job in KSA since 2 years...
    yes !! you have to get your cirtificates attested from below in the same sequence---

    1)From State MHRD (Ministry of Human resource development)- Only Degree Cirtificate
    2 From MEA (Ministry of external affairs)in Delhi
    Degree cirtificate
    Marriage cirtificate (if planning to bring family)
    Child Birth certificate (if applicable)
    3) Saudi embassy Delhi (all three)

    Note - your have to get attestation in the sequence else they will not entertain you.
    4) Medical from the GCC approved medical centre.

    .....Visa stamping doesn't need any Degree cirtificate, need only Passport (Original)

    Khan 07 May 2009, 12:56 - Report
  • visit visa for mother in law


    SAFDAR AHMAD TUNGEKAR 07 May 2009, 07:20 - Report
  • stamping mother's visa

    i got visa for my mother. can i send mother's visa thru e-mail to saudi consulate/mumbai
    or what is the procedure? thanks

    moh'd abdul quadir 11 May 2009, 03:31 - Report
  • Degree Certificate attestation

    Hi Ananad,
    I am working in KSA as a Plant Manufactuirng Manager- see the point is if you are not going to attest your certificate - after going there - you have to make the Iquama- which is just like the Ration card or the Identity proof in India & during that time if at all you are not going to show your attested certificates - you will be considered with labour profession & in any point of time you are not eligible for family status- So its very urgent you must do it- there are agents in India I know- if you want any help- just call me at +966556356555

    Kaushik 17 May 2009, 06:43 - Report
  • HI

    Dear sir,
    i have done my Diploma in Electrical and B.E in (EEE) i got a job in saudi .i want to get attested from HRD,MEA,SAUDI EMBASSY, but i didnt got my Convocation certificate from my will take another couple of months .I got Provisional Certificate and consolidation marks sheet...can i get the embassy attestation on these certificates ..can u please let me know if there is any way to get attestation from embassy.

    MIR 23 May 2009, 05:59 - Report
  • Handicaped engineer requried visa

    i am Diploma electronic engineer & i got the job offer letter from saudi company but i am handicaped person (i.e one eyes is artifical)can i capabal to work in saudi company & how to get the visa. please reply my mail id is [email removed].


    sandeep k 28 May 2009, 06:56 - Report
  • Hi

    y its must to get attested by saudi embassy..
    [email removed]

    felix 17 Jun 2009, 09:14 - Report
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