Why is it impossible to obtain Family Visa if profession : LABOUR

  • Why is it that, if your spouse profession is "LABOUR" it is IMPOSSIBLE to apply for family visa??

    IT's not that we are asking for the Government to feed us or taking over the local jobs!! we just want to visit and spend some quality family time with our husband, sons or daughters after months of not seeing each other..is that tooooooo much to ask??

    Aren't there any other alternatives that one could apply for, if his profession is so called 'LABOUR" besides changing his profession which is time consuming from what I understand..
    Don't tell me that this is the end of the road..that's it..sayonara...good bye..Ma as-salaamah..!! happy sad

    What if the spouse has a degree from a foreign university and in the professional line? would that make any difference??

    It is high time that the Saudi Government should find a solution to irradicate this never ending problem and make this world a better place to live in rather than having to pay air tickets for illegal umrah overstayers in the kingdom...!!(from what i've heard...mostly due to the fact of not obtaining family visa...etc)

    Common, give us a chance...

    08 Jun 2008, 07:27 Fed Up
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  • Jeddah Compare to Qatar, Doha

    I have opportunity to go Doha with Salary QR4000/-

    Here in Jeddah i am being paid SR.2000/- and recently i got merry... like to bring my wife with me whether here or in Doha.

    Is there any one who can advice me what should i do leave jeddah for Doha or should stay here with this slaray ..... please help me out.

    [email removed]

    Naqvi 11 Jun 2008, 10:47 - Report
  • Jeddah compare to qatar

    I suggest if you have offer from well reputed company with almost double salary, u must move. make sure u have qatar visa in hand.

    raza 08 Jul 2008, 02:23 - Report
  • Family Visa For for seller

    Good Afternoon,I have profession of Salesman & i want know its is possible to get me family visa,Please give me suggestion what are the possibilities to take Family as soon as possible

    Tauqueer khan 21 Jul 2008, 09:11 - Report
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