check my visa status by website (ENGLISH)

  • dear friends,
    i was selected candidate for very good company in saudi .but now ihave only depanding on the consultancy .They was sent me the visa copy by mail.I try to find out the genuiness of visa by web site . but unfortunatly the site will display the details in ARABIC only .if any body know the any other web should show the visa status in ENGLISH,kinly send me web address. thank you BY MOORTHI

    09 Jan 2009, 07:55 moorthi
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  • visa status

    My visa no is 692548/61. i want to know this is orginal visa or not. my passport no is infor to my mail id

    subramani 14 Jul 2009, 09:56 - Report
  • plz check my visa status and confirm me

    Please Check my visa status & confirm on my E.mail address:
    My Iqma No is: 2185186497

    amjad 17 Jul 2009, 06:20 - Report
  • To check my visa EMPLOYMENT

    I WANT CHECK UP MY EMPLOYMENT 2174663/201/2009
    U.I.D.NO 85030407

    HARI SHANKAR RAMDHYAN UPDHYAY 18 Jul 2009, 08:12 - Report
  • I wnt to know my visa status

    this is my visa no g3539368 pls check my visa status.Pls reply my quaries in my mailid

    ARUN DHALI 20 Jul 2009, 10:12 - Report
  • please let me know the status of my Saudi Visa

    Asslam, my name is Tanzim & i applied for a visa to Saudi Arebia, thru an agent name Mr. Krishna Gowda from Mumbai, my passport num is H-1703757 ( issued from Delhi)

    Tanzim Siddiqui

    Tanzim Siddiqui 20 Jul 2009, 01:37 - Report
  • Visa Validity Service

    try this link

    hafis moidu 23 Jul 2009, 08:00 - Report
  • visiting visa

    i want to bring my mother to saudi arabia.
    i am living with my family. my wife is working as staff nurse.she is going to deliver next month so i want to be my mother with her.
    i am working as a draughtman.

    jovin jose v 23 Jul 2009, 03:32 - Report
  • Visa Status

    My medical test was declared fit.Passport was deposited with agent.'am eagerly waiting for visa for Saudi Arabia.Can the status of visa be checked providing passport no.through any website?

    my email is

    Your friend 25 Jul 2009, 01:05 - Report
  • plz check my visa status

    I am Roy Moses. My Passport No. is-F6584980. Please check my visa status and kindly forward the status details to my E_mail Id.

    Roy Peter Moses 28 Jul 2009, 07:13 - Report


    aa 31 Jul 2009, 10:31 - Report
  • chk visa status

    hi all try this website it might help

    mmmmm 01 Aug 2009, 03:48 - Report
  • verification of visa

    sir my one of friend getting the visa by fax. visa no. is 105764833. is this original. we are worried. his passport no. is b5376275. from India

    Rudraj 02 Aug 2009, 10:36 - Report
  • verification of visa

    my friend getting visa via fax. but its not seems to be original can u please tell me whether his visa is original or not.
    visa no. is 105764833
    passport no. b5376275
    issued in India

    Rudraj ram 02 Aug 2009, 10:40 - Report
  • need heavy driver visa kafalath

    am ashraf frm india i need heavy driver visa in saudi arabia kafalath if ny one have contact me on 00919995334656

    ashraf 03 Aug 2009, 09:31 - Report
  • verify visa

    plz check this visa number is original or visa number is 1101774460

    mohamad sahjade 04 Aug 2009, 01:39 - Report
  • Verfication

    I am having MOfa and Visa No

    How can i chek this detail

    Kishore Kumar

    Kishore Kumar 04 Aug 2009, 02:07 - Report

    how can i know about my visit visa my application number is 1406384 plz mail me on the given email id all the detail will be thankful

    Salman khan 05 Aug 2009, 12:30 - Report
  • driver

    Show my VISA's Expairy date & mufa no details
    VISA No: 2100390841 Dated: 27.08.1428

    Thomas 05 Aug 2009, 05:30 - Report
  • Driver

    Please sent visa expairy details & mofa numbar details
    Visa no: 2100390841 Dated: 13.7.1430

    Shinto 05 Aug 2009, 05:45 - Report
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