i need a family visa.

  • need aplication

    15 Jan 2007, 07:35 Anonymous
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  • Family Visa

    How I can get a family Visa

    Vijay Kumar 20 Feb 2007, 12:55 - Report
  • family Visa

    My wife has got a job of nurse in Ministry of Health in Saudi. Now how can I get the family visa for me to move with her to saudi

    Vijay Kumar 20 Feb 2007, 01:01 - Report
  • visas


    Mohammad 02 Apr 2007, 01:36 - Report
  • Need a family visa to bring my Wife

    I am working in Saudi British Bank, My profession is Sales Representative, can you pls suggest, how can I get a family Visa and is it easier to get a family visa with this profession. What is the procedure I have to aware about it.

    Naveed Rahman

    Naveed Rahman 21 May 2007, 05:30 - Report
  • need family visa

    sir ,
    Basically I am a mechanical engineer but unfortunately my saudi residence permit is labour is it possible to get a family visa for me.now I am working in saudi arabia as asales executive

    s.i.u.shaik abdullah,e-mail : shaik.abdullah@rediffmail.com 05 Jun 2007, 05:43 - Report
  • Visit visa

    i am mechanical Engineer I want to bring My family on Visit Visa can i get admission to school in Saudi Arbia

    Asif Qureshi 28 Jul 2007, 02:37 - Report
  • Jawad Ali khan

    I'm woking in saudi Arabia in reputed company, I need family visa, how i can get ? could you please do some help me regarding this matter?

    Jawad ali Khan 09 Sep 2007, 07:03 - Report
  • Family Visas

    i am working in General Authority of Civil Aviation Air Navigation Services, Facility Technican can you pls suggest, how can I get a family Visa and is it easier to get a family visa with this profession. What is the procedure I have to aware about it.


    shahid imran 16 Sep 2007, 01:15 - Report
  • Family Visa

    To get family residential/permanent visa profession on iqama must be engineer, doctor, computer programmer etc. other profeesions can only apply visit visa for 3 months which is extendable. If any body need any guidence he can call me on my mobile 0502160147 off course I will guide you because I born in saudi and pakistani national and I know many government procedures.

    Fahad 27 Sep 2007, 12:35 - Report
  • I need a family visa

    I am a graduate working in a company in Jeddah. My profession in the Iqama is "Mulayyis". How can I bring my wife to reside with me in a family visa.

    Abdul Basheer. 02 Oct 2007, 01:24 - Report

    Naveed Rahman
    Need a family visa to bring my Wife

    I am working in an Engineering Company, My profession is Incharge Store, but unfortunity my visa is for the post of "Laham AAnabib " can you pls suggest, how can I get a family Visa and is it easier to get a family visa with this profession. What is the procedure I have to aware about it.

    reply at :

    KHURSHEED AHMED 06 Oct 2007, 06:51 - Report
  • need a faimily visa

    how can i get the familiy visa my visa is Amal Shahan plz tell me how can i bring my family my wife and 2 daughters

    plz reply me and let me know thanks

    haris 17 Oct 2007, 01:55 - Report
  • Family Visa and Profession change


    My profession on iqama is carpenter, I would like to call my family. So was requested that first i have to change my profesion, Please if anyone know to change of profesion , let me konw.

    Sheikh Babu 10 Nov 2007, 09:15 - Report
  • Moving to Saudi

    My Husband is starting in January at a big company. Me and my boy also wants to go, how long does it normally take to get a residence permit or Visa to join my husband?

    Anonymous 22 Nov 2007, 10:56 - Report
  • I need a Family Visa

    Salamu Alaikum My name is Kaleem dil. Im a pakistani. Ineed a family Vissa to call my family visit to saudi arabia.
    If u have any family visit visa So plz... kindly contact me...

    Kaleem Dil
    Mobile:- 0563472461

    kaleem Dil 25 Nov 2007, 05:52 - Report
  • need family visa

    mohammad ismail,e-mail :
    need family visa

    sir ,
    I am my saudi residence permit is electrition is it possible to get a family visa for me.now I am working in saudi arabia as front office cashier

    mohammad ismail 04 Dec 2007, 05:08 - Report
  • How I can get a family Visa

    How I can get a family Visa.

    mohammad ismail 04 Dec 2007, 05:08 - Report
  • bringing family to Saudi..

    @ above all

    pls check this below link you will get useful information on family visa, procedures, etc...


    Courtesy of "expactguru"

    Rayees_Hyd 10 Dec 2007, 01:46 - Report
  • Family Visa

    my Wife

    mohammed khalid islam 11 Dec 2007, 04:54 - Report
  • i need a family visa

    im shahnewaz parvez.now im business in saudiarabia.my wife completed ba honours english.i need a family visa

    shahnewaz parvez 13 Dec 2007, 06:34 - Report
  • Need family visa

    sir ,
    basically im B.COM,but unfortunately my saudi residence permit is labour is it possible to get family visa for me,now im working as a sales executive.

    ch.d.zaman 15 Dec 2007, 07:09 - Report
  • Family visa procedure

    If your visa profession mentioned in the Iqama (residence permit) is 'Labor', it is impossible to bring your family to the kingdom. You must first get your profession changed. Two things are required for this - a) How much interested your sponsor is to genuinely help you bring your family and b) How much waasta (clout) he has with the labor department? If your sponsor has enough waasta and he really needs to retain you with his company, then it is easy to get your profession changed, provided of course that you have the relevant qualifications (atleast a relevant degree).

    See my blog www.workinginsaudiarabia.blogspot.com for further details.

    Expatguru 17 Dec 2007, 11:06 - Report
  • Family Visa & Rent in Alkhobar

    I got working Visa as a Electrical Engineer for working in Alkhobar,but degree having Computer system Engineer.
    considering such case can I get permanent family visa ?

    If any body know about recent rent for 3 bedrooms flat in pakistani area Alkhobar then please let me know.


    Mobile : 0092-300-8207530

    Kamran 05 Jan 2008, 05:41 - Report
  • Family Vista

    I know one Dalal in Yanbu name Asraf from Bhatkal Karnataka.He is a butcher.He asking 14500 SR for family visa where as some Dalals from other places asking some resonable amount.

    Anonymous 06 Jan 2008, 12:05 - Report
  • family visa

    I am a civil engineer. I came to the kingdome in the year 2001 having a visa of civil engineer. I got family visa and my family remained with me for 5 years. I went to my home country on final exit due to some personal problems. I came to the Kingdome again but my visa is a Tile fixer visa. Now how can I get my family visa again?

    aaaa 12 Jan 2008, 06:57 - Report
  • requirement to apply for second wife for permanent resident in saudi arabia



    MUJAHID AHMAD 20 Jan 2008, 06:47 - Report
  • i need a family visa

    i would like to inquire on how to get my 8months baby boy here in saudi arabia. i am holding a dependent residence visa from my father. my sponsorship is under my father. so is there any way that i can get my son here as my or my fathers dependent pls reply. thanks!

    andrea 20 Jan 2008, 07:38 - Report
  • Profession Change

    salaam alaikum. I am an Engineer and my profession is that of a "tile Fixer". I want to change the status so as to bring my family. Plz help

    Mohammed 22 Jan 2008, 12:16 - Report
  • family visa

    i need one family visa. my profession is Aluminium Technician(Fanni Aluminiuum) what is the procedure for taking one family visa?

    anees kakkamoolakkal 22 Jan 2008, 02:16 - Report

    My name is Basheer Aslam Muhammad i am working in AL QASEEM (buridah) My icama subject is (MURAKAB SITAYER) I am a merried person my wife is in Pakistan i want to put her in Saudia arebia now i request to Saudi goverment to give me family visa i am waiting for a good answer.

    Basheer Aslam Muhammad 26 Jan 2008, 05:29 - Report
  • need family visa -saudi arabia

    i need to apply family visa, my profession is labor
    pls help me

    anshad 27 Jan 2008, 01:05 - Report
  • labour visa to prodessional visa

    my husbands iqama is for labour and he wanted to translate it to professional visa since he has authenticated diploma..anyone can help him to transfer it in labour ministry because he wanted to request us(his wife and son) to stay with him there in jeddah saudi arabia..any suggestions and help email me..thanks..

    conai 01 Feb 2008, 10:11 - Report
  • permanent family visa

    i am mechanical assossite engineer and i am working as a draftsman in saudi oger ltd. in riyadh at steel fixer visa type. i requested my company for family visa but she refused for that. i left my all and slod my wife's gold and got loan for this company and country. but this company plays with us, she hires people as a engineers, supervisors and draftsman on labour and steel fixer visa types and say the candidates that after one year or two years company will give family visa but after passing two years saudi government says that steel fixers are not allowed to ger permanent family visa. sir , such companies are playing with us. now i am in much trouble neither i can go back and nor get family here, what i do for my family.
    reply me at this address

    shoaibazeem2003 08 Feb 2008, 08:31 - Report
  • visa

    i need family visa

    abdul aziz sathik basha 17 Feb 2008, 03:46 - Report
  • Transfer of Son to mother Iqama

    My son is 7 years old, he is in his father's iqama under the sponsorship of my husband's company. My husband will go on an exit cause he is resigning. Will it be possible to transfer my son to my iqama? I am working in the government hospital for 9 years now.

    Laila 25 Feb 2008, 08:18 - Report
  • Family Visa

    Dears Bro,

    it is very simple to get family visa for all profission accept( labor), just go to visa office ( isteqdam office) and u can apply it by ur self ( u need to carry ur original eqamah with ur company acknowledge paper, u should be their befor 7: o'clock am .

    for more assitance do please call me on :
    0567912575 ( sure i will help u as i am indian but born and grow in saudi arabia)

    saleh 03 Mar 2008, 07:20 - Report
  • need a family visa

    i'm working as a van sales man at well reputed co. in dammam. my iqama profession is labour. how can i get family visa?

    mohammed haneef 09 Mar 2008, 10:21 - Report
  • Family Visa

    im working as a building manager but my profession on iqama is labour and i am changing to Technician it is posible can i call my faimily on technician mechanic / electric plz tell me


    haris 12 Mar 2008, 04:39 - Report
  • about family visa

    Sir .... My name is sumalee yodsuwan and I'm from thailand people I need to know How i can get visa family ? I have child with saudi person now he is 2 year and half month .
    please let me know more information to my e-mail
    Thank u

    sumalee yodsuwan 16 Mar 2008, 10:31 - Report
  • want family visit visa

    i am working here in Saudi Arabia i want to came here my family for visit how can i applicant or any other way to get a visa. M.iqbal Khan

    mohammed Iqbal Khan 17 Mar 2008, 10:47 - Report
  • Can I sponsor family on visa of "PC Technician",

    I have arrived in Jeddah on visa of "PC Technician", I like to know can I bring my family on this VISA?

    Muhammad 18 Mar 2008, 03:44 - Report
  • Change profession in the Iquama

    Assalam Alaykum Brothers

    I am a Moroccan national working as Translator , I want to change my profession in the Iqama from Home cook ( Tabakh manzili ) to any profession that can allow me to bring my family . I will do it whatever the cost is contact

    Wahid 19 Mar 2008, 07:20 - Report
  • i need a family visa

    i am a mechanical engineer and ineed a family visa but the problem is that i have profaician in my iqam (electronic Eng)but i have mechanical engineer digree i am working in a companey as a elector mechanical engineer

    asif ali khan 22 Mar 2008, 02:08 - Report


    KANNAN V PATHANGI , vp_kannan@hotmail.com 23 Mar 2008, 07:26 - Report
  • to change profession on Iqama to get family visa

    I want to change my profession on my Iqama, present profession is "Najjar" (Carpenter) this one is not support to get family visa. Pls. suggest me how can I change my profession, what is the procedure. I want to bring my family here. pls. give me details on my email ID

    Pramod Uchitkar 26 Mar 2008, 05:34 - Report
  • i bring out saudi arabia visa

    hello i get peolpe saudi arabia visa fast and real just connet me if you know you need the visa

    micheal 27 Mar 2008, 06:26 - Report
  • family residence visa

    i am working as general accountant since last 16 years i would like to bring my family in saudia arabia please advise me

    zahid 03 Apr 2008, 09:58 - Report
  • permanent residential family visa

    i recently change my profession as an engineer and i wish to bring my family my company will provide me accomodation and transportation please advise me what to do to bring my family on permanent residential visa company will give me authorization letter and any required documents please advise me my salary is 3000 and accomodation allowance transportation allowance please advise me

    mohd. adeel 03 Apr 2008, 10:16 - Report
  • family visa

    need family visa

    sir ,
    Basically I am a photgrapher but unfortunately my saudi residence permit is labour is it possible to get a family visa for me.now I am working in saudi arabia as studio

    Mohamed jabir 03 Apr 2008, 06:13 - Report
  • Regarding family visa

    I want to know one thing is that is any qualification barrier is there to getting family visa in ksa.

    GANESH 07 Apr 2008, 02:53 - Report
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