Learning Arabic

Tips & tricks on learning the language

Learning Arabic

To get the most out of Saudi Arabia and its culture, you should learn Arabic. As well as helping you navigate the city and get around easier, it often helps to look like you’re making an effort when in another country.

Unlike the majority of languages English-speakers learn, Arabic has its own alphabet. The first thing you should do is get as accustomed to it as fast as you can, as this will help you later. It’s likely you’ll be studying Modern Standard Arabic, which is mostly a written language. So if you want to understand news reports, magazines, and street signs - learning the alphabet is crucial.

On the go

Actually taking the time to sit down and learn a language can be hard, but thanks to advances in technology, we can learn languages anywhere. Search around for a good language app that works for you and take whatever opportunity you can to practice. Standing in line and using public transportation are great places to learn rather than doing nothing.

Listen to natives

Since spoken Arabic differs greatly from region to region, try to listen to native speakers as well as learning from an app. This will help you be more comfortable when conversing with natives rather than relying on textual communication. If you don’t have a native speaker to practice with you, try watching Arabic media to help. Movies and TV shows are great ways to become more accustomed to the accent, and if you need some extra help, you can always switch on the English subtitles.

Language courses

Of course, if you want to be absolutely sure you’re not making any mistakes in your Arabic, then a language course may be your best bet. Try to find one with a native teacher, particularly from Saudi Arabia, if you want to be the most prepared for when you arrive. Not only will they be able to correct you if you’re wrong, but can offer colloquialisms and an informality that language apps can’t.

There are different variants of exams you can take in Arabic - one of which is the Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT). If you are looking to move to Saudi Arabia for work and need to provide evidence of your language abilities, getting a qualification in the language such as this one is sure to help.

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