Spanish Class

  • Are there any Spanish tutors in Singapore?? I will be going there for 2 monthes starting in September! Please let me know.

    04 Jul 2008, 11:04 Joey
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  • Spanish Classes

    Las Lilas has teachers from Spain and Latin America to teach the classes

    Tiger Lily 17 Jul 2008, 04:53 - Report
  • spanish lessons

    hello am looking for a female private tutor twice a week that can come to my house for spanish lessons.

    aida taki 23 Jan 2009, 07:10 - Report
  • A course called Good Spanish In 8 Weeks!

    Of course, there is a company known as Bridge S.A. that teaches Good Spanish in 8 Weeks! Got quite a lot of good feedback.

    They do Spanish translation too. Check out their website:

    Mark 24 Feb 2009, 04:11 - Report
  • Spanish Lessons

    Hi All,
    If you wish to study SPANISH language in Singapore contact me at:
    [email removed]
    I'm a teacher and native Spanish speaker.

    Spanish Lessons 15 Mar 2009, 11:33 - Report
  • Spanish Class


    I'm a Native Spanish Teacher living in Singapore, if you want to have Private Spanish Classes, contact me via email and leave your hp number so that I can call you.

    [email removed]

    Spanish Lessons 15 Mar 2009, 04:25 - Report
  • Spanish Armada - Dragon Boat Team - Come and see :D


    Would you like to meet Spanish people? and trying dragon boat? and both? big-smile

    I'd like to invite you all to come and try Dragon Boat with us! Just give it a try,no special requirements needed ... just people who wants to have fun and do some activities on Saturday mornings big-smile

    Join our team! You'll meet people from Spain and Spanish speakers, as well as bunch of other nationalities (Singaporean, Mexicans, Venezuela, French, Polish, American, Filipinos, Canadian among others big-smile )

    Web Site:
    eMail: [email removed] / [email removed]
    Facebook group:

    paaaaaadles up! go go go!!!!


    P.S.: Spanish Armada is not related to any business, firm or commercial activity

    Juan 29 Mar 2009, 02:56 - Report
  • Use online Spanish lessons to learn

    These guys are king of Online Spanish classes.
    Here you can get personal Spanish lessons for cheap. Live tutors from guatemala teach Spanish over the internet.

    Phil burke 08 Jun 2009, 07:00 - Report
  • spanish private lessons

    I'm a native Spanish private teacher in Singapore if you are interested please contact me.
    [email removed]

    Laura 22 Jul 2009, 08:52 - Report
  • private Spanish lessons


    I am a native Spanish speaker living in Singapore. I am offering to teach, private Spanish lessons, different levels: intermedium and advanced. Grammatic, speaking, writting...

    Possibility to decide the hours.
    Contact: [email removed] / [email removed]

    Marce0809 03 Aug 2009, 08:55 - Report
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