Applying for a Job in Singapore

The do’s and don’ts

Applying for a Job in Singapore


Non-Singapore citizens need to have secured a job offer before applying for a work permit. Therefore, the application process is important, but it is also a straightforward process.

All job applications begin with the submission of a curriculum vitae, or CV. This should include important details that are relevant to the position you are applying for, and be presented in an organized and professional manner. Most Singaporean employers prefer to read a CV in chronological order, meaning the applicant should list their previous work experience beginning with their first job and progressing to their most recent job last. Also, where a CV is required, it is useful to attach a passport-sized photograph.

The application process itself may vary depending on the company. Some companies require a CV, while others require an online application prepared using their specific guidelines. Whichever the case, be aware of deadlines and review your application twice before submission.

Most companies will also require an interview. For people living outside Singapore this will most likely be done over the phone, and then in person or via video-conferencing as further interviews are required. Singapore is recognized as a conservative society, so it is better to present a ¨reserved¨ image during the interview process.

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