Driving in Singapore

Validity of foreign licenses

Driving in Singapore


No additional documentation is required to drive in Singapore during short stays if the visitor has a valid driver’s license written in English. If the license is written in another language, either an official English translation or an International Drivers Permit is required.

If the duration of stay is for over 12 months, it is required that the visitor convert their license to a Singapore license. It is also required that the foreign license is switched to a Singapore license as soon as possible for those who are living in Singapore with a Student Pass, Employment Pass, Dependency Pass, or Work Permit. To do this, one simply needs to pass the Basic Theory Test, which informs the driver of driving regulations within Singapore.

It is important to note, it is strictly forbidden to drive for work in Singapore if holding a Work Pass unless the Work Pass explicitly states “Driver”, or unless the overseer of the Work Pass gives permission.

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