MBBS/ MD (Medical Education) Universities (WHO / ECFMG)

  • Greetings...I work for HCMI Education that have partnership with Top Universities in Philippines/USA. I am from their Head office in Singapore. If you are interested in studying in Philippines/USA for medical education..MBBS/MD or Post Graduate Programs. Maybe you can email me your enquires/ or transcripts at [email removed], and I provide you with the relevant information. Thanks. I look forward hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    17 Sep 2008, 05:36 Jedrick
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  • about mbbs degree

    iam an indian iwant to know about fee structure of mbbs course

    kishore babu 14 Nov 2008, 04:38 - Report
  • naveed

    hi,im from south africa,currently in grade 11. iv been out of school for 3yrs due to studying a religous course.iv returned this yr.and wish to start applying for university out of my country.my overal average,is 65 percent,id like to do mbbs in 2010. how do i go about?and do i stand a chance of acceptance?

    naved mukadam 21 Nov 2008, 02:00 - Report
  • Appledorn Educational Consulting

    Hello Everyone,

    This note is to announce the formation of Appledorn Educational Consulting, an advising group for mature students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate degrees (master's and doctorate) via distance education.

    Appledorn assists students in earning degrees through admission process advising, counseling during studies, and assistance in converting life work experience and prior learning into credits for degrees. Appledorn Educational Consulting is a full spectrum academic advising service that helps you assess your learning needs, identify best educational options available to you internationally to meet your academic and professional needs (including the United States and other educational providers worldwide), and works with you to achieve your goals, starting with the application process through obtaining your degree.

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    Appledorn 17 Feb 2009, 04:43 - Report


    JARED FELIX 12 Apr 2009, 08:47 - Report
  • Graduate Entry Into MBBS in Philippines

    i'm a Nigerian, BSc graduate seeking admission into any affordable graduate entry MBBS program in the Philippines. Please send me admission requirements, fee structure and procedure for application. thnx.

    Eze Emmanuel C. 25 Apr 2009, 03:33 - Report
  • Study in Slovakia in Kosice

    I m a student of the Kosice University in Slovakia. They are very good in teaching the medicine there. I have apply through the StudiesinEurope they have a nice representatives and they are helping with the information with the types of degree . I would like to know if there is anybody here who is thinking about going there as well. Just ask [email removed]


    Yola 15 May 2009, 05:06 - Report
  • MBBS institutes and fee structure in south africa

    Sir can you please tell me about the MBBS institutes and their fee structure in south africa

    syed askari hassan 08 Jul 2009, 05:07 - Report
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