Dentists in South Korea

  • Hi there!! I actually need to get my teeth fixed very soon, but I will study in South Korea in a couple of months. Now obviously Korean dentist will be a lot cheaper than in the UK, but are they any good? Thanks for any advice!

    20 May 2007, 09:36 Cherry
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  • dentists

    i just went to one today in Baran, Hwaseong, and they were great. 7,800 won which is about 8 dollars 23 cents american, to have a tooth extracted. i have insurance in south korea because i'm a teacher, and i am glad i finally went to the dentist. they evenwrote me a perscription for meds for 3 days, and that was about about 3 dollars 18 cents for the medicine. so yes cheaper and GOOD here

    john t 03 Mar 2008, 10:42 - Report
  • dental care south korea

    I am moving to South Korea very soon and know I will be needing a cavity filled. I heard they do not use any local anesthetic or pain killer. Is this correct? And how are they about dental work in general?

    hb 16 Jul 2008, 11:56 - Report
  • I need veneer

    iam in south korea now and my teeth
    need veneer which is a kind of withning technic
    but i dont now how much it will cost me i have
    fifteen tooth needed veneer, also i dont now any good dentist, please if any one could help me and recommend me to any nice dentist here in seoul

    ali 14 Sep 2008, 03:04 - Report
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    I am also inquiring about veneers and would like recommendations of dentists from the Seoul area to include approximate cost of procedures. Thank you.

    Tari 13 Nov 2008, 09:52 - Report
  • English-speaking Dentist in Seoul

    I recommend hus'hu clinic in Apgujeong, Seoul.
    My dentist, Dr.Kim, is fluent in English. I can talk a lot with my dental procedure. I'm impressed by special care. And also I like "Americano" which free drinks in clinic. It is good taste.
    hus'hu Clinic for appointment: 1588-7464

    Amie 05 Jan 2009, 04:08 - Report
  • invisalign or veneers

    does anyone know how much veneers or invisalign costs in seoul. and does anyone have any recommendations? i will be set to teach there by the summertime. thank you! happy

    Sherial 15 Jan 2009, 04:19 - Report
  • U.S Practiced dentist in Gangnam, Seoul ( COEX area )

    "Tufts Dental" in COEX area is good.
    The dentist,Dr.Sohn,studied at Tufts university in Boston and practiced there for several years.
    She speaks some French and Japanese as well. The hygienist speaks Englsih as well.

    Visit their website ( or call 02-553-7512.

    Julie 16 Jun 2009, 04:22 - Report
  • Cosmetic dentistry with English speaking dentist

    I ,also ,have been to Tufts Dental office. I got Cosmetic bondings on my two front teeth and they look so natural. I am thinking getting some veneers next time. She is really good.

    Chris 03 Jul 2009, 08:29 - Report
  • getting my teeth straightened and fixed

    I have gaps and some uneven teeth that i want to get straightened and evened out. Do you know how much that would cost??

    Ritu 07 Jul 2009, 07:28 - Report
  • English speaking dentist in Gangnam

    I would highly reccomend Tufts Dental for any dental procedure that are needed. Fluent in English, very thorough and caring dentist

    110% satisfied with my veneers; great smile.
    Dr. Gina Sohn

    02) 553- 7512

    Pancakelover 1 21 Jul 2009, 03:10 - Report
  • Tuft's Dental in Gangnam is the best dentist in Seoul !!!!!!!

    Go see Tuft's dental in Gangnam.
    Fluent in English
    (02) 553-7512
    Dr. Gina Sohn
    Very complete and thorough; better than my dentist in LA.

    Pancakelover1 21 Jul 2009, 03:14 - Report
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