Mobile phone provides in Seoul / South Korea

  • I just got to Seaoul and now I need to get a mobile phone. Any tipps on a good phone provider???

    19 May 2007, 05:41 Joerg
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  • Mobile phone in South Korea

    Maybe this helps:

    There are two kinds of mobile phone in Korea: PCS and cellular phones. PCS phones are generally cheaper than cellular phones. Subscription fees and charges vary according to the telephone companies. Foreigners over 18 years old are required to present their alien registration card, passport and Korean credit card when making an application.

    * Note: some companies require foreigners to have a Korean guarantor.

    People who travel for a short period of time can use mobile phone rental services. It is required to pay a rental fee and a refundable deposit along with the actual phone charge. There is no minimum amount for the phone charge, and since it is paid from the prepaid card, so there is no need to get a bill later. The phone charge gets deducted from the prepaid card when a call is finished, and users can buy another card or recharge their cards when they used up all amount of the prepaid cards. Users should pay attention to the validation period of the prepaid card because a card cannot be used after the validation period is passed.

    PCS phone service providers
    * Korea Telecom Freetel 016 Rental

    Security deposit for a PCS phone is 50,000 won, and the hand phone rental fee is 2,000 won for one day and 30,000 for one month (plus VAT). Only domestic calls are available with this phone service, and 60 won is charged per 10 seconds. There are three kinds of prepaid cards (016 Free Card) based on the price-5,000/10,000/30,000 won. Purchasing and recharging cards can be done in n016 branch stores. The validation periods for prepaid cards are 15 days for 5,000 won prepaid card, 30 days for 10,000 won and 90 days for 30,000 won. To rent a hand phone or get more information, you can call the Korea Telecom Freetel Central Office at 02-3277-7016 or their Gangnam branch at 02-554-2016. A person who applies for a rental hand phone must be present at a branch with 1 copy of passport, 1 copy of the Alien Registration and a credit card issued by any domestic credit card company.

    - 016 PCS: KTF Tel. 2016-1114
    - 018 PCS: KTF Tel. 3418-0180 (Information in English)
    - 019 PCS: LG Telecom Tel. 1544-0019 (Information in English)

    Cellular phone service providers
    * Yellow Pages Ltd. Cellular Rental

    Besides the security deposit, users are to pay 8,000 won per day when renting a phone for 3 days, and 220,000 won for 3 months. Both domestic and international phone calls can be made, and 390 won is charged per a minute. A prepaid card must be purchased to use a hand phone. The prices of prepaid cards are 20,000/30,000/50,000 won. The validation periods are 90 days for 20,000/30,000 won prepaid cards and 150 days for 50,000 won prepaid cards. The remaining amount of the prepaid card can be refunded when returning the hand phone. For application or purchase a prepaid card, please call 02-7250-411. Or you can also visit their web site,

    - 011 & 017: SK Telecom Tel. 680-8690 (Korean)
    - Rental service providers
    - Yellowpage Korea Co., Ltd.: Tel. 725-0411 Fax 969-0018

    Brian 19 May 2007, 05:42 - Report
  • direct selling

    i live in daegu and i want direct selling of prepaid cards and international card hope you will help me.

    kate park 12 Sep 2007, 04:03 - Report
  • friend

    hello hi how are you

    raju 30 Oct 2007, 12:34 - Report
  • how can i check credit balance of KTF prepaid phone ???

    dear dear,
    i'm using KTF prepaid system. I want to check my credit balance and balance expire date. How can i check?
    i look at the KTF website but really can't find anything.
    please email me at

    wannabe 24 Nov 2007, 01:01 - Report
  • Calling Cards

    Please visit
    Also confirm which countries you have to call we can offer you unbeatable rates.

    M.A.Khan 11 Feb 2008, 05:55 - Report
  • KTF in south korea

    i just moved here in seoul south korea, i just want to ask if ever the KTF in my mobile phone expires, is it possible to receive calls or text messages from others? and how long does KTF last. Thank you very much.

    charise 07 Apr 2008, 05:28 - Report
  • chikka

    is there any way for me to send messages to a mobile phone in south korea using my chikka messenger

    christine 31 May 2008, 02:02 - Report

    hi everyone! I just arrived here in Korea.. I just want to know if I could send sms to cp numbers here through pc to cellphones.. Just like how the chikka works in the philippines.

    Bluecharm 07 Jun 2008, 11:22 - Report
  • buying a second hand mobile phone in seoul

    I am starting work in seoul in August and want to buy a second phone, prefer a prepaid, how do I go about this ?

    Marni 20 Jul 2008, 02:24 - Report
  • how to send sms to korea

    my friend lives in korea. he gave me his mobile phone number 0118210713xxxxx. i tried to text him but he never gets the message. what number should i type for international text messaging to korea. i'm texting from indonesia. help anyone?

    maria 30 Jul 2008, 03:59 - Report
  • Used Mobile


    One of my the Korean teacher's has offered me her old phone (because she is getting a new one). But how would I connect it to a phone service (I live in Jeonju)

    Farhana 14 Aug 2008, 08:03 - Report
  • Tourist Want a phone

    Hie, I want to buy a prepaid Phone so i can call back to my home country Malaysia when i visit Korea.
    I want to know how much do it cost me to call Malaysia with a prepaid card.

    Please let me know. Thanks

    JON 13 Sep 2008, 08:15 - Report
  • People in England cant text me

    Ive just bought a phone and made sure that i got one so that i would be able to text my family in england. They can get my messages but i dont get theirs. Any idea why? If someone could help, i would really appreciate it. my email is

    Marie 11 Oct 2008, 09:50 - Report
  • Datacard / Aircard

    Does anybody where/who to obtain a datacard/aircard in South Korea? My prodiver in the US does not support unlimited use so need to use a Korean provider.


    Victor 24 Nov 2008, 09:43 - Report
  • ok


    ok 05 Jan 2009, 08:16 - Report
  • requist

    hi ,
    i am suman, i need logincall , i have internet cafe , so i am business you,

    pls give me my answer. 08 Jan 2009, 07:49 - Report
  • hai

    dear friends...
    how can i send sms to korea.i want to send sms to my friend.his no is 008210******.please any one can help me.

    nithi 20 Feb 2009, 07:11 - Report
  • Sending sms from South Korea to South Africa

    My brother in South Korea cannot send sms to me but he can recieve from me sending from South Africa. What can he do, he uses an 010 NUMBER

    s'bu 14 Mar 2009, 05:56 - Report
  • card

    how to regester my ktf card number in my celphone. 20 Mar 2009, 02:34 - Report
  • kj


    ljk 04 May 2009, 09:52 - Report
  • Hi Honey

    There is a problem with our toilet, it it they same as the kids toilet, it plush slow. I think there's something stock inside. I need to call a plumber to fix the both toilets. Give me a call, ASAP

    Timothy 23 May 2009, 06:28 - Report
  • coba

    mang kamu coba ngirimnya ngetiknya gmn?aku jg pengen coba kirim tp blm tau caranya..tkt gagal..

    martin 07 Jun 2009, 05:34 - Report
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