Finding a Job

Where to look for Jobs in South Korea

Finding a Job

There are many ways to find a job in South Korea – we have listed the most important job portals, newspapers and other relevant sources below.

COEX Convention Center

It is renowned for its international exhibitions and conventions in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Among its numerous events, the COEX Center often holds job fairs where representatives from varying companies seek potential employees. To see the schedule of events, visit: .

McKinney Consulting, Inc

The company serves as a key resource for multinationals; it provides executive searches and other resources for the purpose of placing professionals in a variety of industries located in South Korea and throughout Asia.

For those primarily interested in teaching or tutoring English, there are more than enough resources and placement agencies to facilitate the process. For maximal results, online searches may be your best bet.


If you are looking for a job and need an effective resource other than the internet, there are a number of newspapers that may offer some assistance.

  • “The Korea Herald” is the most popular bilingual newspaper for readers both in and out of South Korea. You have the option to subscribe abroad or while in Korea and in which language you prefer it to be printed.
  • “The Korea Times” is another popular choice for English and Korean speaking readers. This newspaper even has a separate section for foreigners who are looking for a job which makes the search even easier.


Korea Infogate is the most basic and effective Internet tool for connecting everyday people and businesses alike. The site attracts people who are simply interested in Korea or have a desire to work there. Its user-friendly search engine provides meaningful travel and business resources making it easy to find and contact companies in South Korea.

There is also an overwhelming number of companies seeking English teachers/tutors in South Korea, as you will be able to tell if you use a search engine. The pay and benefits are about the same for each institution so the decision to work for a specific company usually comes down to other details such as the location of housing provided, the number of students you are responsible for, etc. Here are just a few sites that will facilitate your search:

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