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Fees & availability

Find out about fees and availability of different internet products here.


As in many countries you pay a flat monthly rate for dial-up access. As in the case with Hanaro Telecom, if purchased together with a phone or television contract, rates will go down. In general, basic dial-up will cost you about 15,000 won ($16 USD) a month and a one-time instalment fee of 10,000 won ($11 USD) for unlimited access.


As there are a number of service providers, each company offers a different range of products and services at a range of prices. In general, connection through a cable modem tends to be cheaper than any type of DSL access, but modem rental fees may heighten the price.

Certain companies will offer you larger discounts on monthly rates and modem rental fees the longer you sign up with their service. Cable connections can range from 25,000-38,000 won ($27-41 USD) per month per computer, depending on the length of your contract.

DSL connections can start anywhere from 30,000 won ($32 USD) a month to 45,000 won ($49 USD) a month. If you do not want to sign up for a year by year contract, providers such as Hanaro Telecom allow you to pay on a month by month basis at a non-discounted rate. Expect to pay an installation fee of about 30,000 won ($32 USD) for whatever service you choose.

PC Bangs/Internet Cafes

Rates differ from place and place but in general it is very inexpensive: between 1,000-3,000 won ($1.1-3.2 USD) for one hour. Most places have super fast computers and broadband connections and are open 24 hours a day.


Finding prepaid cards can be somewhat difficult. It is recommended that you stock up on them whenever you find them to save you some stress later on. Prepaid cards are primarily sold at airports and other transport centres and cost about 3,000 won ($3.2 USD) for one hour and 12,000 won ($13 USD) for a 24 hour pass.


The cost of an Aircard itself varies from company to company: between $50-300 USD. In addition, service fees can be anywhere between $30-80 USD a month.

Telephone, Internet + TV from one provider

If you are planning to subscribe to telephone, TV and internet service, it is most efficient to sign up for all three services at once from one provider. Hanaro Telecom offers several packages and combinations for all three at a discount. Korea Telecom offers phone and internet combos as well. Everything from subscription fee, rental fee and monthly fee go down when services are purchased together.

Getting Internet access

You can subscribe to a dial-up service by filling out a subscription form (found online) and then mail, fax, or deliver it to an office. Within a week of mailing your form with the necessary documents, you should receive an instruction book and materials to download prior to using the service. You can also call for customer support or visit an office in person to get signed up.

The same goes for subscription to broadband. Calling or emailing may be the easiest way to get signed up since you are guaranteed to speak with someone who can speak your language. However, if you can speak Korean visiting in person may be fastest.

Note: Exchange rates, numbers and information were collected in April/May 2007 and are subject to change.

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