The top free WIFI cafés and bars

The weather is sunny most of the year, Spanish people are open and friendly. The soccer stadium is located in the center and Spanish food is just delicious

Get yourself familiar with all the cool and cosy cafés. We selected here for you the top cafes in Barcelona where you can have an excellent cappuccino with a piece of cake and surf the internet for free.

Carmelitas Restaurant

Carmelitas is located in the heart of the Raval area. This restaurant is trendy, relaxed and also has a somewhat romantic setting. Stylish decoration and friendly staff will make you feel more than welcome here. The menu offers different Spanish delicacies and rich-in-calories desserts. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with a big glass of white wine and a plate of 'tapas' while you surf your favourite sites.


The Arccafé  is mostly known for its excellent food. World-wide dishes, large portions for European standards, Thai food on weekends and most important – all for reasonable prices. Local people love to come here and enjoy their mealtime while working on their computer. Sometimes they get so caught up with their delicious food, they forget to look on their PC!

Travel Bar

The Travel Bar  is mainly for young travellers. The “travel Bar” is a meeting point for backpackers or those who are on a tight budget. The drinks there are cheap. There is a one Euro menu from 8 o’clock in the evening and most important – free and fast WIFI connection. Please note that most of the people who go there are in a 'meet and mingle' kind of mood so you may have a hard time to concentrate on your work!

Candela Bar/ Restaurant

Candela bar is a spot worth visiting both if you need a free WIFI connection or not. Located just 100 yards from the La Rambla area, this trendy spot is the meeting point for all Flamenco lovers. Don’t be surprised if on a normal evening you witness a burst of improvising Flamenco dance! There is a chilled-out atmosphere with alternative decoration full of groovy vibes. It also offers free WIFI, but we doubt you will even get the chance to use it!

Starbucks Coffee

Take a huge cup of Starbucks ’s Mocha Frappuccino drink while surfing on the internet. This well known coffee company has been the front leader for hot and cold beverages for a very long time now. Coming to Starbucks you can be sure you will get what you wish: a great service, delicious coffee and many more treats. Spoil yourself with their carrot cake, add some classic Café Latte, open your laptop and enjoy your alone quality time.

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