Stage seven

New and “resale” properties

Stage seven

Buying a new rather than a resale property demands a different conveyance process. While a resale property requires the above background checks, purchasing a new property offers different pitfalls.

Legally, a Bank Guarantee must be supplied by a developer to the purchaser to cover the amounts advanced by the purchaser. Whilst this is a legal requirement, it will fall to purchaser’s lawyer to push the developers lawyer into receive written confirmation of the precise level of the guarantee. If a developer can avoid giving this they invariably will. This will leave a gap in your paperwork. The effect of this is to protect the purchaser’s investment should the developer go out of business before the property’s completion.

Obtaining a licence that stipulates you may occupy the property as a dwelling from a builder before handing over any final payment is also crucial. The lengthy procedure of producing documentation by a local Town Hall often means that money may be required before a new owner is in possession of these items. Finally the local town council will provide the purchasing client with a Valor Catastral which is a certificate quoting the value of your property and is required in the payment of your IBI – or local taxes - see below.

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