Salsa in Madrid??

  • Hi! I just moved to Madrid and am looking for some good plazes to dance salsa in Madrid. Any advice???

    07 Jun 2007, 06:28 Charly
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  • Salsa bars in Madrid

    The following list should get you going:

    Azúcar. Pº Reina Cristina, 7, near Atocha Railway Station and Metro Atocha. 23:30-5:00 from Sun to Thu and 23:00-6:00 Fri and Sat. Medium size disco. Tropical decoration. Good air conditioning and sound level. Usual dancers not so open to unknown visitors as in other clubs. Best days: Fri, Sat, Tue, Thu, Wed

    El Son. Victoria 6, Metro Sol. Very near Puerta del Sol. Open every day from 7 p.m., but "fiesta" begins around 00:00. Free on weekdays, sometimes with live music from Tue to Thu at around 02:00. The club is basically a large dance floor, with everyone moving and having fun. Also some good dancers. Underground additional dance floor open on weekend nights. Best days: Fri, Sat, Thu, Wed, Tue.
    O’zona. Av. Mediterráneo, 12. Metro Conde de Casal o Menéndez Pelayo. Thu to Sat 23:30 to dawn. First salsa disco in Madrid with small dance floor. Usually show on Thursday. First time there you will get invitations with free entrance and one drink for Thursday and Friday. Salsa lessons. Best days: Thu, Fri
    Randall.Ferraz, 38. Metro Ventura Rodríguez. Large salsa disco with high dancing level. Open from Mon to Sat. Wed&Thu from 22:30 with salsa lessons and 1 drink included with the 7 Euro entrance ticket. Best days: Thu, Fri, Sat
    Tropical House. Martín de los Heros, 14, Metro Plaza de España. 23:00-6:00 from Wed To Sat. Largest salsa disco in Madrid. Smart, friendly atmosphere. Just refurbished. Very high sound level. Best days: Wed, Fri, Thu, Sat
    Prices of entrance tickets are around 7 Euro on weekdays and 10 Euro on Fri-Sat, including one drink. El Son has free entrance on weekdays. Azucar, O'zona and Randall have also entrance tickets including 2 drinks, aprox. 50% more expensive.

    There are some more discos and pubs for salsa dancing, at least some dedicated days of the week. These can be recommended:

    Cats. Julián Romea,4. Metro Islas Filipinas o Guzmán el Bueno. Salsa on Sun from 19:30 to 01:30. Very friendly atmosphere.
    La Riviera. Pº Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto s/n. Besides Puente de Segovia bridge. Metro Príncipe Pío, 10 minutes walking. They have salsanights on summer’s Sundays. 24:00 to dawn. Dancing place is a big,semi-open terrace. Better after 1:30 hours. A must in summer!
    Parche. Ayala, 120. Metro Goya. Salsa days on Thu & Sun. This is a disco-bar, smaller than a disco, very recommendable those days of the week. Here you can find a good atmosphere earlier than at discos, from aprox. 23:00. Opens at 19:00. Free entrance. Cheap drinks. Very famous salsa lessons.
    Trinidad.Tutor 14, corner Princesa 27. Metro Ventura Rodriguez. Salsa on Thu (mainly latin people) and Fri (multicultural). Very good dance floor. Very appropriated for groups of friends.
    You must take into account that people in Madrid usually have dinner very late or enjoy other places before going to the Salsa clubs. With a few exceptions, indicated above, it is difficult to find a good atmosphere before 1 A.M. Of course, it is interesting going earlier if you want to find a good place to sit down near the dance floor!

    Anyway, if you come to Madrid and want to get the most up to date information, buy the weekly "Guía del Ocio” at any kiosko. Within the "Guía del Ocio" you will find a very good guide for Salsa Lessons, in Dance Schools and Pubs, that are an interesting alternative, sometimes cheaper, to salsa lessons available in most Dance Clubs.

    TRixxie 07 Jun 2007, 06:30 - Report
  • Palma de Majorqua

    Hi Charlie,
    I'm Martine from Montreal, Québec, Canada. My husband is Cuban. He's a musician in Cuba and he will go to play for 3 months in an hotel in Palma de Majoqua. I dont know yet the name of the hotel...
    I would like to live with him in Spain. I will go to see him in october. For the moment he steel in Cuba. I will ask immigration for him in Spain.
    Is it easy to find a job in Spain ? I'm secretary, graphic designer and also travel agent. I speak french, english and spanish.
    I hope to read you soon.
    Thank you and have a nice salsa night !
    gracias !

    Martine 19 Jul 2007, 11:07 - Report
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