Travelling alone as a woman in Spain - is this dangerous???

  • I'm a 22 year old blond girl from Ireland and I would like to travel around Spain for a couple of weeks on my own. However, I'm not sure whether this is really safe. Any advice?

    07 Jun 2007, 06:26 Betty
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  • Hola

    It's completely safe, this is not Afganisthan, The status of woman in Spain, her position and influence in the family and in the government and society in general is much more advanced and developed than many countries in Europe.I am from Cádiz, in south Spain, you are welcome my friend.

    jerónimo 16 Jun 2007, 08:13 - Report
  • Red alert!

    Don't worry! Spain is a safe country. The security level is the same in Ireland or England. And better than US, I'm sure. Be happy blunk

    But you don't go at night single better.

    Pau 21 Jun 2007, 04:09 - Report
  • no dangerous

    ready please

    refugati 26 Jun 2007, 04:56 - Report
  • no health danger

    As a Catalan policeman, don't worry for your physical integrity, just be aware with pickpockets! That's it. Have a nice trip (if you are not still travelling!) or I hope you enjoyed throghout Spain (if you have came back home).
    By the way, if you are travelling to the south, have a visit to Catalonia, the neighbour country of Spain...

    Police 01 Aug 2007, 11:30 - Report
  • To Betty

    Dear Betty,

    Excuse me, but. Do you live in a small village in Ireland?.

    Yago 14 Aug 2007, 09:19 - Report
  • by the way...

    by the way I must say that the worst and small village in Spain must be much safer than Paris or France in general, just to give you an idea of the situation. enjoy your trip and take care of yourself just as you do it in ireland (nghts after midnight and alone, bad neighbourhoods...). and if you need help ask for it to the nearest persons, they use to be kind...

    welcome and have a nice trip happy

    david in paris 20 Oct 2007, 11:30 - Report
  • Safety in Spain

    I am a BLOND girl lol As if we did not have blondes in Spain. Girl, you need to travel more. As for your safety, don't worry, same level of safety or unsafety than any western european country. Have a great trip!

    Marta 21 Oct 2007, 02:25 - Report
  • Traveling alone Article

    Traveling Alone: Finding Safe Accommodations in Spain

    Security is a hot topic today, even when it's not making the 6 o'clock news. Many of us feel most vulnerable when we are traveling alone. An unfamiliar spot, unfamiliar faces, and unusual customs can make us feel out of place. A perfect way to fit in anywhere and to really enjoy a trip is to swap homes.

    When travelers think safe travel, they may imagine extra security at hotels or extra locks on doors, but vacation home exchange, or home swapping as it is offer referred to, offers a much more personal and comfortable option that will have you feeling at home anywhere in the world.

    When you exchange homes with someone, you enjoy the comfort of living in a residential area, not a tourist area where criminals may target newcomers. Plus, many hosts leave phone numbers of friends and neighbors who will very often go out of their way to welcome you to the neighborhood. Basically, you are an invited guest wherever you choose to travel.

    All this means that you seem less like a tourist - and you always have a friendly face looking out for your interests. This will be a great comfort if your need directions or assistance while your visiting.

    If you are worried about traveling alone, there are several ways to add some safety measures to your next home exchange:

    * Get to know your hosts. Exchanging emails, phone calls, and photos with your hosts will make your new home seem more familiar long before you arrive. In fact, Laura Jennings, an enthusiastic fan of home swapping admits that although "We have never met the couple we exchanged with, we remain friendly with them and still email with them all the time with our latest family news." It is a sentiment shared by many home exchange fans: once you start to swap homes, you will quickly get to know people who act as your hosts. Feeling this comfortable helps ensure that you feel safe when you arrive at your destination.

    * Ask for contact numbers. Your hosts may provide local numbers you can call in case you need help. Many home exchange fans also find that neighbors and friends prove very helpful and friendly, helping to ensure complete safety. Laura certainly found that neighbors could add to safety as well as comfort: "The neighbors made a lovely brunch for us with traditional Spanish food one afternoon. The stepfather of the homeowner came to meet us and brought us a huge box full of chocolates, cheeses, wines which were delicious and so thoughtful."

    * Use a reputable company. Using a company such as ensures that you make use of a friendly home exchange community. Through blogs, home listings, member reviews, and tips, strives to make every home exchange fan feel prepared and comfortable in planning their vacation exchanges.

    * Keep the right attitude. When it comes to home exchange, openness and flexibility are key. By giving your guests a comfortable stay in your own home and allowing yourself to trust that the home you have researched carefully will be safe also, you are allowing yourself to enjoy a great travel experience.

    Home exchange is really a very safe way to travel and to see the world - provided that you do a bit of research ahead of time.

    With no impersonal rooms and no stringent security staff, you can enjoy your host home and truly relax on your trip, settling into a home that feels like your own for a few days or a few months.

    Anna 13 Jan 2008, 05:06 - Report
  • it's not a silly question

    I don't think betty is silly for saying she's blonde. I've heard a lot that blondes in spain get harassed, especially if travelling alone.

    on a different note, if you're careful, is it possible to make it out of madrid without being pickpocketed?!?

    sietz 24 Mar 2009, 01:13 - Report
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