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To ease your housing search, we have compiled the most important terms that you will encounter in the Spanish housing market.

a estrenar - brand new

aire acondicionado (a/a) - air conditioning

alquilar/alquiler/se aquila - to rent/for rent

amueblado - furnished

armario empotrado - built-in closet

ascensor - elevator

ático - attic apartment

aval or aval bancario - bank guarantee equivalent to a letter of credit

baño completo - full bathroom

bien comunicado - centrally located with respect to public transportation

calefacción central (c/c) - central heating

calle (c/) - street

cocina americana - integrated kitchen (generally in salon)

cocina independiente - separate kitchen

comisión - comisión

gastos de la comunidad - community expenses such as garbage collection

dormitorio (dorm.) - bedroom

electrodomésticos - kitchen appliances 

entresuelo - mezzanine

estudio - studio apartment

exterior (ext.) - outward facing

fianza - security deposit

garantías - guarantees (financial)

habitación (hab.) - room

interior (int.) - inside facing 

luminoso - bright

nómina - pay check

piso - apartment or flat

planta - floor

plaza garaje - garage parking spot

portero(a)/conserje - concierge

portero automático - automatic door

reformado - renovated

sin muebles - unfurnished

soleado - sunny

terraza - terrace

trastero - storage room

vacío - empty

vender/se vende - to sell/for sale

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