Student visas

How to study in Sri Lanka

Student visas

Sri Lanka offers students the opportunity to study in a diverse culture and find out first hand what this island nation has to offer.

Student visas must be obtained prior to entry into the country. Religious students, university students and people in other educational institutions approved by the state must have a student visa. Applications need to be submitted to a Sri Lankan embassy at least six weeks before arrival.

Required documents

For university students:

  • A recommendation letter from the Ministry of Higher Education
  • A confirmation letter from the university

For students of other educational institutions and guardians of students under 16:

  • A request letter from the academic institution
  • Recommendation from the relevant embassy or high commission
  • Receipts from exchanging cheques for the value of US$1,500 per year per person

For religious students:

  • A request letter from the religious organisation
  • Recommendation from the line ministry

The visas are valid for one year and can be renewed for the duration of your studies. Students are advised to contact their institution or university and request that they contact the DI&E to smooth the clearance process and also forward the visa approval to the embassy.

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