Residence permits

Permits for business starters

Residence permits

If you are not from the EU/EEA but want to start a business in Sweden, you are able to enter the country with a 90 day temporary visa. However, a residence permit must be obtained before registering any business activity for any period longer than this.

More than a third of businesses registered on the Swedish Stock Market are foreigners based outside of the EU/EEA. This shows that Sweden provides desirable conditions and support to entrepreneurs who are considering business activities within the country. 

To set up a company in Sweden, as sole-owner, or as joint-owner for a period of over 90 days, a residence permit must be obtained. If you’re registered as being self-employed, you are strictly forbidden from carrying out any work for any other employer.

Residence Permit requirements:

  • A valid passport. Note that the permit is only valid until the passport expiry date.
  • Copies of the passport showing your identity, passport validity and permits to reside in any other countries.
  • Proof that you own at least 50% of the company, and have ultimate responsibility over any decisions.
  • Bank statements proving that you have sufficient capital to buy or establish a business for at least the first two years in Sweden.
  • Your company must be expected to create sufficient profits to support the company, yourself and your family.
  • A detailed account of your business plan, including contracts with customers / suppliers; a contract for business premises; business permits if required; an investment budget; a liquidity budget and a budgeted balance sheet (profit / loss).
  • You must have relevant experience in the sector, and in running your own business.
  • You have sufficient income to support yourself and your family for at least the first two years of the permit. This is estimated to be SEK 200,000; for your spouse SEK 100,000; and SEK 50,000 for every child who accompanies you.
  • Proof of sufficient English and or Swedish language skills.
  • Receipt of payment for the application.


There is also the option to apply for a D-Visa. This is valid for 365 days, within which you can apply for the normal Residence Permit. This will be approved if you can provide evidence of profits made by the business, or that healthy profits will be made within the near future. These profits should be substantial enough to support yourself as owner, as well as your family.

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