Accident and Sickness insurance

How does it work?

Accident and Sickness insurance

Swedish workers are covered by the social security system. If you are sick or have an injury you are entitled to insurance to cover income loss.

Sickness Insurance

In case of illness that reduces by 25% your working capacity, you are entitled to sickness benefits. In Sweden, benefits are received on a sliding scale system, depending on the gravity of your illness. Medical treatment and convalescence are also covered. A medical certificate is necessary after the 7th day of illness and a detailed medical examination after the 29th day. The employer pays the first 15 days of illness. After this period, your benefits are paid by the Social Insurance Office. You can receive benefits up to 80% of your lost income.

Work Injury Insurance

The aim of occupational injury assurance is to put the person in the same economic situation as if he had not been injured. The annuity will, thus, correspond to 100% of income. Occupational injury insurance covers injuries received at work or on the way to work. For more details go to the site of the Swedish work environment authority . In cases of injury, forms are available on the website in English to help you understand. However, the form must be completed in Swedish.

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