Mortgages and property tax

What you need to pay

Mortgages and property tax

If you buy property in Sweden you will need to pay a stamp duty and a property tax. Foreigners can take a mortgage as long as they can prove sufficient funds.

Duties and taxes

Stamp duty is charged at 1% of the purchase price at the time of the deeds being registered. Estate agent fees are the responsibility of the seller and are usually around 3.5% of the selling price.

Property Tax

An annual rate of 1.5% property tax is charged on 75% of the periodically assessed value of the property.

New properties are exempt from this tax for the first five years. For the subsequent five years, the 1.5% property tax is charged at 0.75%


If you are a permanent resident in Sweden and have stable employment and revenue you are able to apply for a loan in order to purchase property. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Sweden. The borrower is subject to a credit check and must provide evidence of stable income. You will also need a sufficient amount for a down payment, which is determined depending on each person’s situation. The down payment is normally worth 15% to 25% of the acquisition price and usually covers the interest on the loan. The time of repayment is flexible but on average is 20 years. A 2% payable tax exists on mortgage deeds for Swedish based mortgages.

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