The Swedish Telecommunications Market

An Introduction

The Swedish Telecommunications Market

The Swedish telecom market used to be dominated by the state monopoly Televerket. However the market has been deregulated and three main companies fight for market share alongside a number of smaller operators.

The three main telephone companies in Sweden are Telia, Telenord and Tele 2. All three competitors offer internet, telephone and TV packages called “triple play”. Most Swedes nowadays opt for this option.

Sweden’s country code is +46. If you are abroad and want to call Sweden, just dial +46 followed by the area code (omitting the zero) and the phone number. To call abroad from Sweden just dial 00, followed by the country code and the phone number. Rates to call abroad are usually SEK 3.90-9 per minute, but there are large difference depending on your calling plan.

Swedish numbers include an area code and a unique phone number. The area code varies from 2 to 4 digits and starts with zero. A phone number varies in length from 5 to 8 digits. Phone numbers are never longer than 10 digits.

Mobile coverage in Sweden is generally good depending on the area you are in. In the South coverage is nearly 100%, while in the North it is only guaranteed along the major roads and coastlines. You will not be covered in the mountains, so do not count on your mobile for emergency calls if you go on a hike.

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