New technologies in schools

How can iPads or laptops stimulate learning?

New technologies in schools

How using technology as a classroom-aid can help stimulate learning, capture pupils' attention and improve results.

Who has never heard: "You're silly", "You'll never do anything in your life"? It is not always easy to be brilliant. And it is not always easy for the students to clearly understand what their teachers expect from them. Besides, some subjects are more difficult than the others, and of course, within a same class, some students prefer maths, others hate languages, and so on. Aged methods and overwhelmed teachers have created generations of "losers".

Yet, many simple solutions exist. For example, modern technology. Today, young people spend more and more time on the internet, with computers or playing video games. Modern technology has now become essential for them. Besides, many scholars and doctors have proven that the attention of a student is higher when they are working with a laptop or an iPad than when they are following a more traditional lesson.

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So why do without these new technologies? It is obvious that a language app is clearer and more exciting than a vocabulary book. It is also obvious that using an iPad is more pleasant than writing ten pages each day in a personal book. Actually, using modern technology, and more particularly iPads and laptops, gives better results by making school (and teachers!) more friendly. Thanks to these modern means of communication, pupils' motivation at school is back.

Since August 2013, Ecole Atlas in Lausanne has experienced the use of iPads and laptops within all its classes (even with students with special needs). The results are clear : students are motivated and concentrated, grades are higher, self-confidence is back. In a nutshell : a (shared) success!

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