iStudent Luzern

The world's first ever student city guide for iPhone

iStudent Luzern

IMI University Centre in Luzern (Switzerland) and Luzern Tourism have partnered to create the ultimate city guide, and it's free!

iStudent Luzern is a crowd-sourced student guide for iPhone. For the last months, international students of more than 20 different nationalities at IMI University Centre in Luzern, have collected data to feed this app with the best information available about life in Luzerne.

iStudent Luzern is all about Swiss culture: it tells stories about Heidi, and answers questions like “Do Swiss people really eat mostly chocolate?”. The guide covers even the most unthinkable topics on international student life in Luzern, but can also be of interest for somebody who is simply interested in Switzerland's cultural aspects.

This free iPhone app collects many of those insider tips which only international students could provide as a result of their well lived experiences in Luzerne. iStudent Luzerne currently has 7 categories:

  • Top Info - All that is essential for international students
  • Top Rumours - What might be perceived, but not always true, about Switzerland/Swiss people
  • Why Luzern? - Top 10 of reasons why Luzern is one of the best places to live and to study
  • Do's and Don'ts – things you should know if new to the Swiss culture
  • Education – Luzern is known as a tourism hub, as well an university town, and hosts more than 1,000 international students
  • Food – Classified in different categories, the best and cheapest food places available in Luzern
  • Student Gems - Special tips and selections from all the students participating in version 1.0

You can download the iStudent Luzerne app for free from iTunes 

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