Switzerland ain't boring

  • For all of you who think that switzerland is boring:
    Go visit the street parade in zurich (august 11, 2007), the worlds biggest techno parade / festival and experience switzerland from another side.

    more infos:

    And here is the official trailer:

    As a Techno-Dance-Fan it really makes me proud that switzerland hosts the biggest event of this kind.

    23 Jul 2007, 03:49 Dominic
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  • Yap!! I agree

    switerland is fun! wished i could go there (again)

    Ashley 02 Aug 2008, 10:11 - Report
  • lolololol

    You guys are pathetic... have you ever been to a party once ever in your life? Swiss parties are the worst in all of Europe. And that Street Parade is the biggest load of bullshit and false advertisement that Swiss people try to do, they try to copy that bullshit to get money from foreigners.

    Swiss? No thanks! 04 Aug 2008, 08:37 - Report
  • LOL

    street parade? wow you guys are retarded... the street parade in 2008 was the worst party i have ever seen... every year it gets much worse, because people realise what a sucky shithole switzerland is and they get tired of it... they stop coming here, it is a waste of time and money. it is a gay parade and it shows what a dump switzerland is

    what a joke the swiss people are, their parties are the stupidest in the entire world. f*** swiss people

    Street parade is gay 11 Aug 2008, 02:59 - Report
  • The only thing?

    Well, if the Street Parade is the only thing you can recommend, then I think of all the huge events taking place in so many other European cities - and there are far more events than only one parade a year! Just look at Berlin where you have so many great events: Karneval der Kulturen, Fête de la musique, Berlinale, Berlin Fashion Week, CSD (with 600'000 people, compared to Zurich with only 6'000 participants), MTV parties, etc.

    It's true that Swiss people don't know how to party, and it's not tolerated if you really party. You shouldn't let yourself go, but always make a good impression and be decent.

    No wonder the suicide rate and the cocaine use rate are so high in Switzerland!

    DD 03 Mar 2009, 11:08 - Report
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