Language of Lucerne, Switzerland

  • does anybody know what language is primarily spoken in Lucerne, Switzerland?

    02 Apr 2006, 08:32 Anonymous
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  • Language in Lucern

    Swiss-German. It always depends on the border - in this case (Central) so you may find influence of French aswell.

    Anonymous 04 Apr 2006, 08:31 - Report
  • language

    it is swiss german.

    Anonymous 06 Dec 2006, 10:11 - Report
  • Inscription

    Do you know what this means?


    anonymous 11 Sep 2008, 10:28 - Report
  • improving my german in Luzern

    Is there anyone in Luzern who would like learning spanish? I'm moving in January and I need to improve my german. I'm interested to make an exhange
    Thanks and Kind Regards

    eva 09 Nov 2008, 07:22 - Report
  • To the Loyalty and Courage of the Swiss


    On August 10, 1792, a contingent of 900 Swiss Guard mercenaries guarding King Louis XVI at the Tuileries Palace in Paris found themselves surrounded by an angry mob of some 30,000 French Revolutionaries.

    The mob demanded that the mercenaries step aside; the mercenaries refused. More than 700 of the Guard lost their lives in the battle that followed, willing to die for the man they had been hired to protect, King Louis XVI.

    No one bothered to tell the Swiss Guard that they were guarding an empty palace; the king and his family had already snuck out and run away. Their noble sacrifice was pointless.

    As an ironic punctuation on the whole matter, King Louis XVI was captured and guillotined a year later.

    In 1821, in honor of those who died on that day, the Lion of Luzern monument was carved out of natural rock after a design by Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen. The Latin inscription reads "HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI" -- "To the Loyalty and Courage of the Swiss."

    During a visit to Luzern, American writer Mark Twain described the Lion of Luzern as "the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world."

    Toby 10 Dec 2008, 03:19 - Report
  • HELP

    Can someone please translate this for me:

    Lg uwku uk hcvkiwg fg egu ejkgpu vgttkdngu.

    Cktt jokyk jkx kqkrnglzk Natjkgtyinrgm ckxjkt Yok, jkx gal soin mknz.

    Ubbenl! Nzb v pnav pbzr nzb vy sbeznttvb.


    James 09 Mar 2009, 05:35 - Report
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