Crédit Agricole is the second largest banking group in France, it operates in 70 countries worldwide and services over 52 million customers. CA next bank offers next generation banking and makes it easy to transition to your new life in Switzerland.

Organise your banking needs before you arrive: you don't need your Swiss residency registration to open an account and you can apply online in less than 15 minutes. This means you can get an account open and ready to deal with day-to-day requirements, like putting a deposit down for a place to live, getting a phone and setting up bill payments.

As well as making ‘getting started’ easy, CA next bank offers a full range of financial services including: IBAN number, credit card, savings account and free EUR (SEPA) transfers.

Services useful for expats

  • Currency exchange: CHF/EUR currency transfer at competitive rates
  • Rental deposit: a legal requirement but you can earn interest on the amount locked up with your landlord
  • Health insurance: favourable rates on premium health coverage
  • Other insurance: home, accident and more; all at attractive rates
  • Property & Investment: expert advice financing your residence and access to exclusive investment funds

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