Emergency numbers, doctors and ambulances


In cases of emergency ( Notfall/urgence), you should call the relevant emergency phone number you can find on the back of all Swiss phone directories.

If you don’t know where to call, dial the police on 117 who will tell where to call or directly connect you. If you need ambulance, dial 144.

If you need a doctor, you can also call any normal family doctor. Outside surgery hours, the answering machine will give you the phone number of a doctor on call.

You can also go to the emergency treatment ( Notfalldienst/Urgences) of any hospital or clinic. In French-speaking Switzerland there are special emergency clinics for minor casualties ( Pikett-Dienst/permanence).

Note that even in emergencies, you may be required to show proof of health insurance. Without this, you could in theory be turned away, although this is highly unlikely in a life or death situation.

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