The Swiss telecommunication market


Telephones in Switzerland are yet another proof of the Swiss efficiency miracle: they always work! Switzerland has one of the highest numbers of phone lines per capita, nearly every household has one.

Swisscom started as the only telecom service provider in Switzerland. However, after the liberalization of the phone market in 1998, many other smaller providers appeared. Also, most of the 240 cable TV operators in Switzerland started to offer telephone and internet services.

The main difference between telecom and cable TV operators is that they rely on different types of network infrastructures. While Swisscom and other telecom operators use a network of telephone cables to offer their services, cable TV operators use powerful networks consisting of fibre and coaxial cables. This is why the fastest internet services are usually offered by cable TV operators.

The good news is that now you can choose between a wide range of telephone and internet providers depending on your region. Some of them are:

If you don’t know who your cable TV operator is you can find out on .

Getting a phone line is a straightforward process in Switzerland and no matter what you choose the quality of service is usually excellent.

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