Car insurance

Which insurance do you need for your car in Switzerland?

Car insurance

You must have car insurance to be able to drive your car in Switzerland. The monthly contribution depends on the car you drive and the coverage you choose.

There are three different types of car insurance in Switzerland. The Third-party Liability insurance is mandatory, while the Comprehensive and Passenger insurance are optional.

The Third-part Liability insurance

This type if insurance is required by law. It covers third-party injuries and property damage. The minimum guaranteed coverage depends on the type of car you own.

Comprehensive insurance

This type of insurance is optional. It is recommended for people who wouldn't be able to replace their car quickly if damaged or stolen. This insurance covers property damage only.

There are two kinds of Comprehensive insurance:

Restricted Coverage – Covers the damages caused by theft, natural disasters, cracked windshields, fire, snow slides and animals.

Fully Comprehensive – Covers the same risks the Restricted Coverage does, plus collision damages.

Passenger insurance

This type of insurance covers injuries of passengers travelling in the car insured. Passenger insurance can also be purchased for medical costs, death, disability benefits and in-patient daily benefits. The insurance can be for the owner, driver and/or passengers, and the sums can be chosen freely.

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