International schools

A good starting point for expat families

International schools

International schools have existed in Taiwan since the middle of the 20th century, with the American and Japanese schools in Taipei being the oldest. However, European and religious denominational schools have also sprung up on the island to cater to diverse demands.

Private education in Taiwan exists to varying degrees at all levels of the education system, from kindergarten to universities and colleges. Alongside native private schools there are also a number of international and religiously affiliated schools that provide a distinctly different curriculum and learning environment.

The quality and facilities of any private institution can vary, obviously, and parents looking to enroll their child should take care when selecting schools to consider a variety of factors: from language of instruction, to curriculum focus. Fees and enrollment costs can be fairly expensive at private and international schools when compared to public education, but these will vary between institutions.

International schools are usually the starting point for expats moving abroad with children, and especially for those on short term work contracts and no plans for residency. The reasons are fairly obvious, in that the children of foreigners without Mandarin Chinese as a language will find it harder to adjust to local schools, especially the older they get. 

Also, parents might be looking for a school experience closer to their own country’s, and the various international schools represent a variety of prominent nations’ curriculums and educational styles. 

Examinations like the European International Baccalaureate and the IGCSE, are attractive to parents on short term stays who want their children to gain recognisable qualifications that can be easily completed upon return to their native country, or elsewhere as part of further expatriate travel.

The following is a list of websites for well-known and popular international schools in Taiwan:

American Montessori Hsinchu 
Pacific American School 

Cornel English School 
Ivy Collegiate Academy 

Dominican International School 
Taipei American School 
Taipei European School Taipei 

I-Shou International School   
Kaohsiung American School 

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