Going online

Internet access in Taiwan

Going online

Getting Internet access in Taiwan can be done through a variety of means, and expats will need different types of service.

People on short term stays may find mobile Internet, WiFi or Internet cafes suit their needs perfectly well, whereas long-term residents or students will almost certainly want broadband access at home. Expect to pay NT$15-30 for an an hour at an Internet cafe (roughly US$0.50-1.00)

For those wishing to arrange a contract themselves, there are various providers including HiNet, Seednet and So-net. Some ISPs (Internet service providers) use dedicated ADSL lines, and others make use of existing cable TV infrastructure, often meaning less reliable speeds. The range of reliable ADSL speeds is currently 2-12 MB/s depending on your provider and payment tier.

(Fibre optic services and super high-speed connections are gradually being brought in by ISPs, as part of Taiwan’s ongoing communications drive).

Be aware that there are also some one-off fees applicable to setting up a new connection (around NT$1500 for only broadband; NT$500 with fixed line telephone installation package). 

Contracts will also include a severance, or early termination, fee if the service is discontinued before the completion of the contract. 

Requirements for broadband contracts

  • Applications; made in person, or sometimes via fax
  • Primary ID - ARC
  • Secondary ID - e.g passport
  • Taiwanese national as guarantor and signatory (needs: two forms of ID)

Bills can be paid online through company websites, or via standing order with your credit card. Broadband Internet at your home or apartment can be handled by some landlords and included in your rental agreement.

HiNet website  (English)
Seednet website  (Chinese)
So-net website  (Chinese; English customer service available for existing subscribers)

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