Vacation in Bangkok

Mingle with locals and get to know the culture

Vacation in Bangkok

Thailand is becoming a popular destination for German tourists. They spend many days or weeks in this beautiful location in South East Asia which has beautiful beaches to offer while keeping costs to a minimum. But not all tourists travel to Thailand to go to the beach. Particularly the younger crowd flies to Bangkok instead of popular tourist destinations like Bali. In Bangkok they discover a more authentic Thailand.

South East Asia becoming more popular with German tourists

Bangkok and other destinations in South East Asia are becoming more and more popular with German Tourists. Traditionally, German Tourists prefer to go on vacation in Europe. Due to the decreasing prices for flights, Asian destinations are becoming more interesting. Beautiful Islands like Bali are becoming one of the top destinations. For Germans, there are no direct flights to Bali. According to  (German), Bangkok is one of the most popular stop-overs for flights from Germany to Bali.

Either way – Bangkok is a must-see destination for any tourist, regarding if he is just on a stopover or traveling to the capital of Thailand. If you are one of those tourists visiting Bangkok or planning to travel to this beautiful city, you’ll find many helpful tips in this article you won’t find in any brochure.

Bangkok – the city of unlimited opportunities

While arriving in Bangkok from above by plane, tourists can take a peek at the modern side of this city: The Bangkok Airport Train . It brings tourists within 20 minutes from the airport to the inner part of the capital.

After arriving in Bangkok, German tourists will soon discover how many cheap services this city has to offer. A room in a four-star hotel usually doesn’t cost more than 50 Euros per night. The delicious street or restaurant food isn’t expensive either.

If you’re traveling to Bangkok to discover Thailand’s culture, you shouldn’t spend your time in a luxury hotel. Instead, you should mingle with the locals and spend time with them and others tourists.

Dining with locals in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those cities a tourist can’t discover in a few days or weeks. There is so much to see, particularly, if you don’t follow the classic tourist traveling guides. Tourists have the possibility, to have authentic experiences if they take a look at these things to do in Bangkok . The third point recommends, to dine with locals.

There are many locals in Bangkok who offer tourists a warm, traditionally cooked meal in their own homes. Tourists have the possibility to experience culinary delights made from recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, tourists have the opportunity to learn a bit about the history and culture of the country directly from one of its locals.

The (mostly) unknown vintage flea market

At every corner in Bangkok, tourists find flee markets like Chatuchak or the Train Market. Those are typical recommendations for foreigners, but not really insider tips. However, there is one flea market tourists should visit: Wat Suan Kaew.

This temple is some kind of recycling centre where locals leave products they no longer need. These products are sorted and, if needed, receive a treatment, after which they are sold cheaply, nonetheless. The offer spans a wide variety from books to electronics and clothing.

Touring Bangkok on a bike

Bangkok is known for it’s dangerous urban traffic. Around 10,000 people die every year in road accidents[1] and the traffic jams are nerve wrecking for tourists. Still, the bike is one of the best ways to discover Bangkok as a tourist.

Because of the dangerous urban traffic, bikes can simply not be recommended to tourists. Fortunately, they can partake in guided bike tours which are offered by experts who know the city and can guide foreigners safely through Bangkok. The guided bike tours bring tourists through unknown parts of the cities, some of them are even organized at night.

Participate in an authentic cooking class

If you’re a passionate cook in your free time or simply enjoy food, you should definitely partake in Sammy’s Organic Thai Cooking School . Sammy brings his attendees to a local market where he explains the differences between different rice varieties and other ingredients. After that, the attendees travel to their destination: Sammy’s farm.

Surrounded by palm trees, flower beds and other plants, Sammy shows his course attendees how to cook Thai specialties like the Tom Kha Gai soup. After the cooking class is over, the attendees can taste their own delicious cooking.

Eating street food in Bangkok

Locals at home and people like Sammy aren’t the only ones preparing delicious food in Bangkok. Tourists find many places that offer mouth-watering street food. If you want to make sure that it’s safe to eat, keep an eye out for locals who surround the food place in great numbers.

The food stands in Chatuchak Weekend Market  cannot be recommended enough. Other food stands, that are not part of a market, should also be visited. You never know where you find a really good insider place to eat delicious local food in Bangkok.

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