Finding a place to live

What to watch out for

Finding a place to live

Renting in Thailand can be a very easy process, if you know what to avoid. You are recommended to pinpoint an area you would like to live in, and explore it by yourself.

By finding the right accommodation, foreigners are more likely to settle and feel comfortable in their new country. When looking for a new home, you should consider factors such as the distance from work and schools and the area the accommodation is in. In Bangkok, travelling even short distances by car can take a long time, so it is better to look for accommodation near public transport amenities.

You should also visit the accommodation at different hours of the day (morning, noon and night), and especially at weekends. Thai neighbours are pleasant, but are also considered to be rather noisy. You should also be aware that many people turn their house into a business during the day (called “shop houses”). However, foreigners are not allowed to use their properties for commercial purposes and cannot sublease either.

You should also note that although hot water is standard in modern condos and upper class hotels, it is not seen as necessary in many Thai dwellings. Apartments without hot water are much cheaper and you should check this before moving in.

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