The Thai job market

Job opportunities in Thailand

The Thai job market

If you are looking for a job in Thailand, you will most likely find English teaching jobs or jobs in the IT industries.

Thailand follows Indonesia as the 2nd largest economy in south-east Asia, with a GDP of more than US$ 500 billion. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world (2.5% in 2009). However, the competition for graduate jobs is very high as there are large numbers of experienced professionals as well as an increasing number of Thai graduates with good English language skills.

For a foreigner, it is still easy to find an English teaching job and it is easier to find a job in Bangkok than in other parts of the country. But, before you get a job offer your employer must prove that there is no Thai citizen available for the vacancy. To take up an employment in Thailand, you need a valid work permit and a working visa.

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