Importing your car

How to bring your vehicle into Thailand

Importing your car

Importing a car into Thailand isn’t easy, the bureaucracy involved can get quite complicated, however for expats determined to do so, it is possible.

First of all, you need an import license from the Ministry of Commerce. In order to get this, a long-stay visa is needed. If the import license is approved, you are allowed to put your car into a container and bring it all the way to Thailand.

After the vehicle arrives, you or your import agent will submit the relevant documents. Once the Customs Department has assessed the taxes and duties which need to be paid, you must hand in the receipt to customs. Finally, the vehicle will be released by the Customs Department.

It isn’t really recommended you import a car into Thailand since it could cost as much as twice what the vehicle is worth. The import taxes are between 150 and 300% of the value of the vehicle, although it obviously depends on what type of car and year of the car.

Required documents for importing personal vehicles:

  1. Goods declaration and five copies
  2. Certificate of the vehicle registration
  3. ID card or passport of the vehicle’s owner and international driving license should be included.
  4. A letter of attorney in case the car is driven by someone other than the owner.
  5. Evidence of purchase
  6. Certificate of Legal Entity
  7. Re-export contract

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