Private healthcare

Private health insurance in Turkey

Private healthcare

Due to the poor quality of most Turkish hospitals and the difficulties presented by the language barrier, most foreigners pay for private insurance. This gives them access to an extensive and well-staffed network of private hospitals (özel hastane) and clinics.

Numerous Turkish and international companies offer health insurance plans covering care in Turkey, so there are special private hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

In contrast to state hospitals, many of these facilities are considered some of the best in the world. Some have even been awarded international recognition. For many foreigners, the most important benefits offered by private hospitals are staff that speak English and other foreign languages.

If you do opt for private care (and you probably will), know that hospitals, like everything and everyone else in Turkey, often charge foreigners more than Turks. These price distinctions are call “dual-pricing systems“, and they exist solely to make extra money off of “wealthy“ foreigners with private insurance plans. Never agree to pay a high rate until after you´ve tried exhaustive negotiation. You can convince most hospitals to charge you as a local with the help of a Turkish friend.

How to find a hospital

Your private insurance provider should give you a list of hospitals and clinics when you register for a plan. You may also want to check web portals like Turkey Central  for lists of hospitals and clinics. If you are travelling to Turkey for a brief period of time, you will probably want to buy a short-term international insurance plan. Many international providers have special arrangements with the best Turkish hospitals that offer “holiday packages.“

In an ironic twist of fate, while state hospitals struggle with overcrowding and equipment breakdowns, many private hospitals in Istanbul and Ankara are destinations for “health tourists“ - foreigners who combine their medial treatment with short vacations.

The American Hospital

The American Hospital  is a private hospital located in the center of Istanbul. It is an health institution within the Vehbi Koç Foundation. The management systems and processes are implemented by North American standards, which ensures that you will receive high quality treatment. Also, the American Hospital has partnerships with various institutions abroad such as the New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Faculty and Columbia Medical Faculty, Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas University M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children's Hospital and American Hospital Paris.

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