Connecting to the web in Turkey


Although the internet is very popular and free Wifi is mostly easy to access in Turkey, connections are not always reliable. Roaming data can be expensive depending on your home provider so getting local access is a must for most people.

Wireless internet access

Wifi is available in most Turkish hotels and airports (almost every hotel and airport has cable access as well). Prices vary depending on the location, though you will probably be able to connect to many for free. If a free wireless network requires a password, ask at the hotel´s front desk or airport service counter.

Be careful about viewing personal and banking information over wireless internet connections unless you are sure they are secure. Many public (and especially free) wireless connections can leave your computer vulnerable to hackers.

If you are planning on travelling around the country and need to access a secure Wifi, you might want to check out portable hotspot devices. Some companies, such as Rent 'n Connect  offer special services and packages for tourists and expats with website and customer service available in English.

Internet cafes in Turkey

Internet cafes are popular and common in Turkey, especially in major cities. They offer cheap internet access at hourly rates, and usually serve snacks, drinks and coffee as well. These cafes are especially popular with young people in Turkey, many of whom use them as meeting points and hangout spots.

Since internet cafe terminals are public computers, you should avoid sending any kind of banking or business information while using them. Therefore, while internet cafes are excellent places for tourists to check their email and browse the web, if you are planning to stay long-term, you should arrange for home internet access.

Internet Providers

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and getting yourself an internet contract, you will quickly find out that most information, as well as the provider’s websites and customer support are usually only available in Turkish. Smaller companies seem to come and go quickly, which means there is a lot of outdated and confusing information out there.

Should you move into a flat without an internet connection, you will need to contact a service provider and have one installed. If you don’t speak much Turkish, try going directly to a provider’s store as you will often find someone who speaks some English. Make sure to take your Turkish residency permit and Passport!

There are four main internet providers in Turkey:

They all offer ADSL connections. Fiber connections are available in larger cities and along the coast. It can be cheaper to sign up for a combination package (telephone and internet), but contracts usually run for 24 months.

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