Moving to London on a budget

Top tips for relocating to London

Moving to London on a budget

London is a notoriously expensive city, and relocating there on a budget can seem impossible. The good news is, saving money in the capital is possible by following this advice and planning a little in advance. 

London is the most expensive city in the world, according to statistics from, that were originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald. The figures suggest petrol in the UK’s capital is more than double the cost of fuel in the US, while there was also a considerable difference in rent, with the typical cost of a London property over £2,500 a month.

However, there are ways to save some cash when relocating to London. This article will feature some top tips that could significantly reduce your cost of living.

Consider a short stay apartment

Finding accommodation is one of the most important aspects of any relocation. While estate agent’s websites may be a great starting point for looking at available properties, you should always view them in person before buying or renting to make sure it is right for you.

Many people do this by arranging an additional trip to the city prior to moving there permanently. However, these trips can be expensive. According to the 2013 Hotels Price Index Report published by, the average nightly cost of a hotel room in London is £131. This cost, when teamed with transport fees, can be an expense that many can’t afford.

Rather than booking an additional trip, why not sort out some short-term accommodation for your arrival? That way you’ll have a comfortable base that will give you enough time to sort out something more permanent. Companies like Short Let London specialise in short term lets in London  and offer a great standard of accommodation at competitive prices, so make for an ideal choice.

Seek alternative transport

As previously mentioned, petrol isn’t exactly cheap in London. To add to your driving woes, you’ll also have a plethora of bustling roads and will likely spend a proportion of your day in a traffic jam.

relocating to London budget

However, while London may not be a driver’s dream location, it does have a fantastic transport system. From the tube to the iconic double decker buses, getting around the city is quick and easy – but it can be expensive.  

 The average day ticket for zones 1-7 on the London Underground costs £7. Multiply this by the number of days you will be using it and it can be pricey. However, there is the option of getting an Oyster Card. Swipe your pre-paid cards at the start and end of your journey and the system will work out the cheapest fare for you, so you only pay for the distance you travelled. Find out more information here .

Look out for vouchers

It goes without saying that you’ll want to experience some of the many attractions London has to offer. Entry fees can be costly but you can easily keep these to a minimum by looking out for vouchers. Top attractions like the London Dungeons, Thorpe Park and Madam Tussauds often offer 2-for-1 or discount vouchers and can be found everywhere, including on cereal boxes and in newspapers.

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