How to get a graduate job in the UK

Finding a job after university

How to get a graduate job in the UK

If you have recently graduated from college or university and are looking to get yourself on the UK career ladder, there are a number of ways to do this.

Contact companies directly

If your area of interest is rather niche, and your skill set would be advantageous to more specialist firms, it could be worth getting in touch with them directly to find out if there are any vacancies for recent graduates.

Visit job fairs

If you would like to get an idea of the companies taking-on graduate applications, consider visiting a graduate recruitment fair. These are held up and down the country, with the majority of universities offering their own event. You don’t need to be a student of that university to attend, so it’s just a case of signing, and turning up.  is a good place to find a list of events, including the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibitions which are held in London and Birmingham on an annual basis.

Look out for grad schemes

The majority of companiesthat are hiring graduates will advertise positions on their website. However, this isn’t just the case for the worldwide brands. Many smaller organisations will hire a select number of graduates to improve diversity in the workplace and routinely bring new talent on-board. Impact International offers many graduate development  schemes, so it’s worth looking out for these during the search for your graduate position.

A word of advice

Unfortunately, nowadays it's necessary to take into account fraud offers when looking for a job. There are some obvious warning signs, like simple 'work from home jobs' that promise large amounts of money, but job scams  can get much more sophisticated than that. The best advice is to do a background research on the hiring company before applying.

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