Need help for applying to UK universities...Advisors pleasee!

  • Hi
    I have done my Olevels and scored 7A 1B and a C in english. I am completing my Alevels and got 2A 1B in ASlevel, i gave GP as an additional paper and awaiting results.

    my point is that i really need to get admission in a good UK uni. Can anybody help me out in applying, like telling me some good unis where i have chance of getting in and some unis where i will definetly get in with this kind of academic record along with plenty of co-curricular activity certificates.

    will really appriciate ur replies. Pls help as i dont have any advisors around me.

    04 Jan 2009, 09:35 Shariq
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  • complete information for amission and studying in the uk

    Yes, this is a real problem most students face when they need information or want to apply to a country like the UK and unfortunately this problem is being shaped by the various groups of agents (consultants) by generating attractive websites or by hoisting eye-catching banners in your locality.

    I don’t want to blame anybody but unfortunately I am one of those who suffered from their money making policies and lost thousands at the hands of these sophisticated sharks. They would ask for fee after fee and at the last would tell you “we are sorry Mr.…….your visa has been refused and we can’t help it.”

    Yes they are true that the stamp for your study visa is in the hands of the ambassadors sitting in the British embassy of your home country, but what about the list of fees these clever imposters have engulfed?

    Then why not try it by yourself and be yours own consultant? Thus saving your money from misuse, and above all, you will feel at ease when you perform it yourself.
    Now the question is, how can you do it and where can you get the important information?
    Don’t worry my friends, I will show you a site that will show you the official WebPages of the government of the United Kingdom. There you can find all types of information from A to Z without including any third person.

    The webpage I am going to show you contains answers to the following questions in a very simple and easy way;

    How and where can I get admission in the UK?
    How and where can I find my favorite university or college?
    How can I get scholarship in the UK?
    Where can I get the most updated information for getting my study visa?
    What is IELTS, how and where can I take it?

    So if you are interested then visit this site

    kire 24 Jan 2009, 11:56 - Report
  • pls i your help

    pls i want to school in uk

    Awolola damilare samuel 24 Jan 2009, 06:00 - Report
  • scholarship in the uk

    As you know that it costs you a lot when you want to study in a country like the UK. So it is because of this problem that most of the talented students are hopeless and they can not even think of studying abroad in the UK.
    But let me say that this problem is being created by various groups of mock education consultants. Yes there are some groups of consultant who provide quality service but how would you find out them?
    So be your own consultant and believe me you can do it. Yes you can do it, and you even can help your friends.
    Go to the website of the educational institute that you are interested in and there you will find all information that you need for your admission.
    And if you can’t fund your study then you should ask for scholarship and it is possible that the institute might have some scholarships available for students like you.
    And my dear! If you need further links for scholarship in the UK, then you should visit on this site you will find many scholarships available and you can also find information like admission in the UK-all universities and colleges in the UK with their websites-and the UK study visa.
    Good luck!

    imran 06 Apr 2009, 01:52 - Report
  • Course Selection

    Hi guys,
    I have done BENG degree in uk (2002) and currently working in gulf. Please advice which PG i should take to apply for charteredship. MSC or MENG. does it worth doing MENG since it is considered as Undergraduate qualification.

    Please replay

    sham 28 Jun 2009, 10:07 - Report

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    OLOGUNDUDU KAYODE SAHEED 02 Aug 2009, 08:30 - Report
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