Where's good in London

  • Someone tell me where to live in London. I'm told Chelsea's not worth the money, and Brixton should be avoided. Was recommended Chiswick by someone. Good idea? Let me know. Bye

    22 Jun 2005, 03:37 Anonymous
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  • Depends

    Depends where ur working. Chiswick is almost suburban, which is nice. Making it easier to own and use a car (more parking, less congestion). However, it is a good hour's journey from the centre (e.g. The City). Chelsea may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. The area is close to everything you need (from bars and restaurants on the King's Road, to every imaginable shop on Oxford St, and to most commercial areas such as The City). The housing in Chelsea is also normally top quality. So essentially your choice depends on ur budget and where ur commuting to. Hope that helps.

    Anonymous 24 Jun 2005, 11:27 - Report
  • Difficult

    As the previous poster said, it really depens on where you will work. London's big and travelling aroung taeks a lot of time. Also, money is a big considration - rents in some parts of West London, like Chelsea are really expensive.

    Anonymous 25 Jun 2005, 11:00 - Report
  • Olympiads

    With the Olympics in the bag, maybe now's the time to invest in property in East London happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy You heard it hear first..

    Anonymous 06 Jul 2005, 06:48 - Report
  • Stratford's the place

    Thanks to the Olypmpics, they're predicting annual property price increases of 10% in the Stratford area.

    Anonymous 07 Jul 2005, 12:55 - Report
  • Cheaper areas near Earls Court

    I am going to be working in Earls Court in the Autumn. Looks like rents are really expensive around there. Does anyone know decent places around there which are not too expensive but mean I will be able to get to work quickly? Thanks in advance for any tips.

    Anonymous 15 Jul 2005, 07:26 - Report
  • Broaden your radius

    Earl's Court is one of the best connected areas in London. It's tube station is serviced by three lines (including the two most important: the circle and district line). London's bus network is also more extensive and better than most people realise. As such I would recommend you consider areas relatively far from Earl's Court, if you can't find anything suitable there. As for finding somewhere cheap, perhaps try finding a flat share offer. I have occassionally seen such offers in the classifieds section of this website. Hope this helps.

    Anonymous 16 Jul 2005, 03:46 - Report
  • london student rental

    i'm an italian student. this summer i'm going to work in london...
    i 've seen the site called london studen rental, i think that the offers are good..but i need an advise from someone who know that agency..
    is it good? can i trust un it?
    please help me!!!!

    bye bye

    Anonymous 14 May 2006, 09:12 - Report
  • f


    Anonymous 06 Jun 2006, 10:33 - Report
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