foreign jobs

  • Hello. I am looking for the job where offer for foreign with bad English. Anywhere in Britain. Help!!!

    22 Jun 2005, 03:34 Anonymous
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  • Volunteer

    Hey. In my experience it is very difficult to find work with bad English. I decided to improve my English, before finding work. I would recommend doing volunteer work in the UK. Although unpaid you cover your costs, as they provide food and accommodation. My volunteering work was organised by YAP:
    Check it out, or have a look on the internet for other opportunities. Not only will you improve your English, but you'll be able to find a better job afterwards as it is good work experience in itself, which employers love happy Good luck!

    Anonymous 23 Jun 2005, 06:06 - Report
  • Depends on legal

    If you can legally work in the UK, i.e. you are automatically eligible because you are an EU citizen, then the best thing might be to go there and get basic jobs, like working in the service industries (cooking, cleaning, etc) and work hard to get your English better. You will then be in a better position to find a job. Also, depending where you are from, you might be able to find an employer looking for your language skills.

    Anonymous 24 Jun 2005, 07:00 - Report
  • Translation work

    If you were to improve your English to a high standard, the trouble with getting translation work is that many companies are obsesses with qualifications. Either take an English exam, such as the standard Cambridge accredited qualification (there's some decent companies that will offer these exams for a small fee in the directory on this site), or keep applying for jobs until you find a company not so bothered about qualifications. Best of luck.

    Anonymous 29 Jun 2005, 04:11 - Report
  • School of Language

    Thank you all for help. I now look for good language school (as you recommend). Where offers decent value??

    Anonymous 06 Jul 2005, 06:28 - Report
  • busco trabajo!!!

    Hola mi nombre es Estefanía,soy Argentina. En dos meses me estoy yendo a vivir a Inglaterra y por tal motivo estoy en busca de un trabajo; ya sea temporario o permanente.
    Soy relacionista publica y tambien me dedico a la organizacion de eventos, de todo tipo. Tengo experiencia trabajando con grupos de personas y coordinandolos tambien.
    Mi ingles es muy bueno, ya que aparte de haber tomado un curso intensivo de ingles en Oxford a fines de 2006, tambien tengo mucho contacto con gente nativa.

    Mis correos son:
    [email removed]
    [email removed]
    Desde ya muchas gracias.

    Estefania 05 May 2008, 03:11 - Report
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